Gone Country: New CMT Reality TV Series Brings Celebs And Nashville Songwriters Together

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We went to the Wildhorse Saloon last night for the taping of a reality TV series called Gone Country. The show will premiere on CMT on January 25, 2008.



These are the celebrities who are taking part in the show and the ones who performed the songs they co-wrote last night at the Wildhorse Saloon:







  • Sisqo (“The Thong Song”)

The show “Gone Country” takes place over the course of 2 weeks and airs in 6 episodes, during which time the celebs live in a Nashville mansion together while composing songs with Nashville songwriters.


The mission: to see which one (1) celebrity superstar gets a chance to be a Country Music artist — as determined by John Rich (of Big & Rich and Muzik Mafia notoriety).

In each episode, the cast will compete against each other in challenges that will test them musically and physically to adapt to a country music lifestyle, both on and off the stage. At the end of two weeks, the artist who is most prepared to impress a country audience, as determined by Rich, will record and release a song. — CMT

One of the things that Jim & I like most about this show is the fact that it highlights one of John Rich (and his Muzik Mafia friends’) biggest points: that music has no limits… no boundaries… and music genres are largely irrelevant.

By bringing together 7 non-Country personas and pairing them with so-called “Country music songwriters” for this reality TV show on CMT, my guess is… the public’s perception of each celeb is likely to change a bit. And, in the end, it all comes down to good music. Period.

Jim and I were front & center, with camera in hand. I’ll be posting pictures of each celeb as they performed their song(s) in the coming days. Here are our photos…

Pictures of Bobby Brown

Photos of Diana DeGarmo

Pictures of Dee Snider

Photos of Carnie Wilson

Pictures of Julio Iglesias, Jr.

Photos of Maureen McCormick

Pictures of Sisqo



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John Rich talks behind-the-scenes about CMT’s Gone Country:

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