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Has Sisqo Gone Country? These Photos Say YES

sisqo-gone-country-nashville.jpg Yep, even with the ever-popular Thong Song under his belt, it appears that Sisqo is trying to make his break into Country music these days.

Following are photos & highlights from Sisqo’s performance at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, where he was one of 7 celebrities competing for a Country music gig.

It was part of CMT’s newest reality TV show called “Gone Country” which will air in January.

In the above photo, it’s as if Sisqo is saying, “Shhhh, don’t tell anybody… but I’m going to give this Country music thing a try.”

In reality, he’s probably got a pretty good shot at making it big in County music, because he’s a pretty versatile singer with a wide range of sounds and emotions that he incorporates into his performances.

Keep in mind that Sisqo is an artist who is known for having songs with “explicit lyrics” and his albums are usually sold in both “clean” and “uncensored” versions.

One thing’s for sure, he certainly rocked the stage on this night at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville… but in a slightly Countryfied kind of way. (Then, he really let loose and turned things up a few notches by performing his hit song (The Thong Song) for the crowd.

Mid-way through the show, Sisqo and Bobby Brown captivated the audience on stage together for what seemed like an eternity. But no one was complaining.









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