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Wildhorse Saloon

Actress Sean Young put on her dancin' shoes and sang a Country song that she co-wrote with a couple of Nashville songwriters at the season finale of Gone Country 2. The show was taped at the Wildhorse Saloon. Her song was called "Time For The Boy To Grow Up".

Jermaine Jackson performed at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville during the final taping for Season 2 of Gone Country. His song was a mellow one. It was called 'Loving You Is The Natural Thing To Do'. He co-wrote it with Nashville songwriters Billy Lawson and Anthony Smith.

There are a lot of interesting notes about Lorenzo Lamas and his performance at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville -- for the taping of Gone Country 2. For starters, his daughter Shayne Lamas was the lucky bachelorette chosen by Matt Grant on this season's The Bachelor. And Lorenzo's ex-wife Shauna Sand was at this show with their little girl.

The moment Mikalah Gordon stepped on stage at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville for the season finale of Gone Country 2, she had the crowd on their feet and cheers from every corner of the place. Not only was she the 'hottest' chic in the competition this year, most of the guys in the front row were convinced she was the hottest thing in the building!

Sebastian Bach of Skid Row has been called a lot of things, but I doubt he's ever been called a Country music singer before! He gave the Country music industry a run for its money recently when he participated in CMT's reality TV series called Gone Country. We were there & snapped these photos...

Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC was the first celebrity performer to appear on stage at the Wildhorse after John Rich did his pre-show for Gone Country 2. The song Chris performed was "That Will Get You By". He wrote it with the help of Nashville songwriters, Trevor Rosen and Shane (sorry, didn't catch his last name). Good song!

It's really difficult to say from this one instance alone which of the 7 celebrities should be awarded the Country Music record deal. But inquiring minds want to know, so here are my thoughts...

Yep, even with the ever-popular Thong Song under his belt, it appears that Sisqo is trying to make his break into Country music these days. Here are photos & highlights from Sisqo's performance at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, where he was one of 7 celebrities competing for a Country music gig.

Who knew that Maureen McCormick could sing?! I mean, other than watching her, as Marsha Brady, perform with her Brady Bunch siblings as The Silver Platters... Remember that episode? Here, Maureen McCormick competes with 6 other celebrities on CMT's 'Gone Country' to see which ONE will be awarded a country music contract.