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Lorenzo Lamas: This Hollywood Hunk Has Gone Country!

lorenzo-lamas-gone-country-cmt.jpg Lorenzo Lamas was trying really hard to be “country” at the season finale of Gone Country 2 at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville.

He certainly gave it a valiant attempt.

But it was hard for those who know him best from shows like Falcon Crest and Renegade to get past his “hollywood” status (…and those rock-hard abs!).

There are a lot of interesting “related” notes about Lorenzo Lamas — most center around the women in his life.




For starters, his daughter Shayne Lamas was the lucky bachelorette chosen by Matt Grant on this season’s The Bachelor. She seems like a sweetheart. I hope things work out for Shayne and Matt!


Here’s a picture of Lorenzo Lamas with Shayne.

Aside from that, is the fact that Lorenzo has been married 4 times and his most recent wife (May 1996 Playboy playmate, Shauna Sand) was in attendance at the season finale for Gone Country 2, along with their young daughters.may-1996-playboy-playmate-shauna-sand.jpg

Shauna Sand has got her own interesting story (most of which is covered regularly on TMZ.).

She and Lorenzo divorced in 2002, but Shauna says they’re still very close and they’re spending a lot of time together these days.


Like Mikalah Gordon did, Lorenzo also stripped off his jacket moments after entering the stage at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. The girls were grateful.







lorenzo-lamas-countryfied.jpg lorenzo-lamas-singing-country.jpg lorenzo-lamas-wildhorse-saloon-nashville.jpg




At the very end of the show, all of the performer came back on stage, welcomed by the crowd’s cheers. Lorenzo Lamas spent most of the time doing some sort of a ho-down dance. I’m not sure he “gets” Country.


lorenzo-lamas-dancing.jpg lorenzo-lamas-ho-down-dance.jpg lorenzo-lamas-red-jacket.jpg




Oh yeah… How was his singing, you ask?  It was decent. Jim thought it sounded more like Country karaoke. But I think the crowd enjoyed it. He certainly put everything he had into this performance, and he wins the award for “best facial expressions”. (I didn’t post most of ’em.)

I do remember that his song sounded like another very famous song — at the point about the “steel horse”. Shannon Lawson performed on stage with Lorenzo Lamas (and with many of the other performers as well). Shannon Lawson and Brian Davis were the 2 Nashville songwriters paired with Lorenzo Lamas for Gone Country 2.