Mikalah Gordon: From American Idol To Gone Country

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Now this girl knows how to have a good time!

The moment Mikalah Gordon stepped on stage at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville (at the season finale of Gone Country 2, airing on CMT in August ’08), she had the crowd on their feet and cheers from every corner of the place.

Not only was she the “hottest” chic in the competition this year, most of the guys in the front row were convinced she was the hottest thing in the building!

She definitely got off to a good start, and she kept things going all through her performance.


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Mikalah Gordon entered the stage at the Wildhorse Saloon with a lot of attitude and energy.

She probably had more of both those things than any other performer at on the final episode of Gone Country 2.

And that’s a good thing, as much as it is a bad thing.


Because people were so focused on her carefree attitude and personality (and what she was wearing) that I bet few (self included) remember what song she was singing and how well she was singing it.

All I know is she had a big ‘ol smile on her face the whole time.

She had fully engaged with the audience.

And to my ears, her song seemed catchy and in tune.



Thankfully, Jim took notes while the rest of us in the front row were ooohing and aaahing over Mikalah’s stage presence. He says her song was “You’re Ugly When You’re Drunk”. The 2 Nashville songwriters she was paired with were Tammy Hyler and Frank Meyers.






Moments after she entered the stage, she  stripped off her long, colorful jacket only to reveal an even more revealing dress-thing …and leg-things.

This was definitely Mikalah Gordon‘s moment to shine, and she worked it for all it was worth!





In the middle of her song, MIkalah grabbed the littlest star of the show — a cute ‘lil cowgirl who was sporting a flashy pink cowboy hat in the front row — and asked her parents’ for permission to take her up on stage. The wee one was a trooper. She danced and tried to sing along the best she could. Adorable!

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