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Rocker Sebastian Bach Goes Country On Season 2 Of ‘Gone Country’

Sebastian Bach (formerly of Skid Row) has been called a lot of things, but I doubt that he’s ever been called a Country music singer before!

Well, he gave the Country music industry a run for its money recently when he participated in CMT’s reality TV series called Gone Country.

We were at the season finale for the show and snapped these photos of Sebastian Bach performing at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville…


As John Rich said of Sebastian Bach at the season finale of Gone Country, “…You either love him or you hate him.” (Or something like that…)

In case you’re not all that familiar with Sebastian Bach , then you may enjoy these videos which show his many different sides…

Videos Featuring Sebastian Bach

Here are some of the more “interesting” video highlights featuring Sebastian Bach.

#1 Sebastian Bach attacking a fan at one of his concerts: (you’ve gotta watch til the end)

This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

#2 Sebastian Bach shows us his house on this episode of “MTV Cribs”:

This video isn’t available anymore

#3 Sebastian Bach does Broadway, and more:

Photos of Sebastian Bach – Gone Country

Okay, now onto the photos of Sebastian Bach from the season finale of Gone Country 2 that was taped at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN.

He was actually the last one to perform on this night. But he was one of my favorites, and I took the most pictures of him (compared to all the other performers), so I’m posting Sebastian Bach’s pics among the first.


The song Sebastian Bach sang at the Gone Country 2 finale was “One More Battle With The Bottle”. It’s a song he penned with 2 Nashville songwriters: Vicky McGehee and Jeffrey Steele. Shannon Lawson sang with him on stage at the season finale. (He’s part of the Muzik Mafia, and he writes & performs with James Otto a lot. Love them both!)


Sebastian Bach’s son, Paris Bierk, stood up front near me. He’s a drummer. His band is called Severed Hand. The coolest part was that Sebastian seemed to be singing this song just to his son. It was really touching …and rockin‘ at the same time… in a FUN “Country” kind of way!


If it weren’t for the fact that I can’t picture Sebastian Bach a County music performer… I’d say he has one of the best shots at winning this thing. I think he’d fit in alright in Nashville (Music City USA), but I’m just not sure Country Music Radio would be too accepting of his style of Country. Then again, who am I to judge?… I’ve only heard one song of his that was “Country”.


And finally, at the request of CM, here is my best photo of Sebastian Bach and Shannon Lawson together: