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‘The Warren Brothers: Barely Famous’… Don’t Miss It On Friday Nights!

You might have seen the Warren Brothers on CMT with their recent music video called “Change“…

Or, maybe you remember my post last year about these two characters and the debut of their TV show called “The Warren Brothers: Barely Famous”…

“We’ve done so much with so little for so long… we are now qualified to do ANYTHING with nothing!”

–Brett (Lowenstein) Warren

If you’re one of their (few) fans (*she says tongue-in-cheek*), then you might have actually WATCHED their show last year on CMT! But even if you saw it back then, you’ll still love this video recap of last season’s show “Warren Brothers: Barely Famous”… HILARIOUS!

The Warren Brothers Barely Famous reality TV show.

Do yourself a favor and reserve your Friday nights at 8pm (Eastern) for the Warren Brothers. That’s when their show airs on CMT each week. I, for one, will be watching (and LAUGHING!) at all the crazy antics of Brad and Brett Warren in each episode. I can’t wait…

“Three record deals… No hits!”

Warren Brothers Songs

Personally, I dig the brilliant off-the-cuff humor of these two guys. And my favorite song of theirs is the one with the chorus:

“I don’t sell a lot of records, but I sure sell a lot of beer.”

The Warren Brothers’ “Barely Famous” album of barely famous hits is available in stores August 2nd.

“We’ve had a couple of #28 singles… maybe you’ve heard of us?”


Trust me, if you tune in to even 5 minutes of The Warren Brothers: Barely Famous on CMT, you will be grinning from ear to ear. The one-liners that come out of these guys’ mouths are incredible… and it never stops!


The Warren Brothers even have a tie to the latest Dukes of Hazard craze… it seems they skipped out of some valuable “studio time” (when they were SUPPOSED to be working on their album) and chose to attend DukesFest activities instead! Footage of their race around the track with John Schneider will be on one of the first “Barely Famous” shows this season.