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Real Time Franklin Tennessee Traffic Cameras

Wondering what the traffic is like in Franklin, Tennessee today? Check out these live Franklin, Tennessee traffic cameras.

See all of the Franklin Tennessee traffic cameras in and around the city - including other parts of Nashville and Tennessee as well!

Check out these live traffic cams…

#1 – City of Franklin’s Real-Time Traffic Maps

There are currently 20 real-time traffic cameras situated in and around the town of Franklin, Tennessee.

You can also go directly to the specific traffic cam you’re interested in here.

#2 – Nashville’s Live Traffic Cameras

There are currently 8 live traffic cams that are monitored regularly. View them here.

#3 – TDOT’s Smartway Map

This Tennessee traffic map shows:

  • Current Road Conditions — extremely hazardous, snow & ice, flooding
  • Traffic Flow — based on current speed of the traffic on the road

You can also see construction locations, message signs, city boundaries, and major road incidents here.

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See all of the Franklin TN and Nashville TN live traffic cams!