4th Of July Fun: A Baby Girl, A Little Boy, And A Water Bottle

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It was a scorching hot day in Franklin, Tennessee on the Fourth of July.

Jim’s family — his brother, sister-in-law, and their 2 kids — were in town visiting.

We all went to Pinkerton Park for the afternoon, and this happened to be little Dylan’s first time drinking out of a water bottle by himself.

These photos bring a smile to my face every time I think of how excited and proud Dylan was…


All-American Girl: A Star Is Born
Shelby on the 4th of July - Nashville, Tennessee.
Little Shelby is having the time of her life and enjoying the simple life on a day at the park on the 4th of July in Franklin Tennessee. She’s all decked out in her red, white, and blue attire for the occasion.



A Boy And A Water Bottle
Dylan drinking from a water bottle for the first time.
This was Dylan’s first time drinking from a water bottle. He got the hang of it pretty quickly, but he soon discovered that he liked when it spilled too (…especially since it was so hot on this day).



An American Child
Dylan soaking wet on the 4th of July.
Isn’t it great how kids can take something so simple, and turn it into a day-long adventure? Life is good…



Dylan enjoyed getting all wet at the park in Nashville.
Eventually, Dylan realized he’d gotten more water ON him than IN him while attempting to drink from the water bottle himself. So he started begging his daddy to pour even more water on him! What a way to beat the heat of a humid 4th of July afternoon!



I Can Do It Myself!
Dylan drinking from a water bottle by himself.
Soon he managed to drink from the water bottle himself with ease. This was a first.