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Shooter Jennings ‘4th of July’ Song Brings Back Memories

Yes, it’s timely… being the 4th of July today. But I’d have to say that the song “4th of July” by Shooter Jennings is my own personal anthem.

In fact, Shooter’s dad, Waylon Jennings, was the first “superstar” we spotted when we moved to Nashville.

Not only is July 4th my favorite holiday… I can tell you PRECISELY what I was doing on any given 4th of July!

It’s also a romantic holiday to me.

C’mon, how sweet is it to be in the company of friends, family, or (as was usually the case with me) a boyfriend — enjoying all the pre-show festivities, much like a tailgate party before the highlight of the night: watching the skies light up with all colors of the rainbow as fireworks explode overhead on a cool summer night?

Ahhh…. the memories.

4th of July Memories

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a big time on the 4th. My memories go as far back as 1977 when I was in the 6th grade. Our house was only blocks away from the park where the town’s fireworks were set off, so we often had a party at our place & invited all our friends to come watch the fireworks from our backyard.

Plus, my parents were involved with the Jaycees (the group which purchased, organized, and set off the fireworks each year), and my dad was usually involved in the pyrotechnics end of it on site.

I was always sooooo proud that MY dad was responsible for one of the best fireworks shows in central Indiana.

I’m sure I over-romanticized it, much like I did all the boyfriends who accompanied me to these fireworks displays.

Modern-day 4th of July

I’m happy to say that Jim always respected my twisted fascination with this cool, summer holiday, and each year he manages to top the “best 4th of July experience” I’ve ever had — in some small way.

Whether it’s sitting on the roof of our SUV together in Pensacola (when we lived there) watching the fireworks overhead… or driving me hundreds of miles years later to return to Pensacola (when we lived in Nashville) just so I could experience the fireworks over the water again… or even finding a secluded little spot along a hillside that no one else has discovered to be the BEST secret spot to watch the fireworks in Franklin, Tennessee!

Shooter Jennings “4th of July” Song & Video

But back to my point… the song “4th of July” by Shooter Jennings
I have to admit that the VIDEO is what does it for me & starts making the memories fly. There’s just something about that 70’s era lifestyle which is represented in the video that just takes me back.

What I Learned Today:

What “put the ‘o back in Country” means… I think.