Want It Now?… My Butler Delivers!

by Lynnette

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Cheers, Mike and Jim... about to enjoy some hot pizza, thanks to 'My Butler'. Last weekend, our little Party on the Porch came to an abrupt halt around 9:30 p.m. when we got a late night hankerin’ for some hot, tasty pizza.

So we took the party inside.

We’d been sipping on cold adult beverages for most of the night.

We wanted more of a thin-crust light & crisp pizza, rather than your typical dinner-sized oh so filling thick-crust pizza.

Mike recalled — from his days of living in Nashville — that Sir Pizza might have just what we were craving.

Unfortunately, they didn’t deliver.


What?… You Don’t Deliver?

The fact is, if you live in Franklin, Tennessee and you want a Sir Pizza pie delivered to your door, you have to pay a $4.95 fee to a SEPARATE company called My Butler.

Confused (but also desperate for “crispy thin pizza with spicy toppings” — like Sir Pizza’s sausage and pepperoni!), we opted for the additional delivery fee.

I’m sure glad we did, because we learned a lot about the whole My Butler concept. Moreover, we highly applaud their ingenuity, as well as their prompt, professional service.


Here’s How It Works

My Butler phones in your order to the actual restaurant, mentions any coupons, gets the total, adds $4.95 plus 10% gratuity for their service, picks up the hot food, then delivers it to your doorstep in a matter of minutes.

The food is still hot. The driver is very friendly… and professional.

And the best part (for those on a budget or just cheapskates like us!)… you can still use any discount or coupon which the restaurant itself honors! Plus, My Butler has their own coupons which regularly appear in coupon booklets like Clipper Magazine, Coupon Mint, and The Clip Book.


Personal Service… With A Twist!

It turns out, My Butler (aka “Franklin’s finest take out experience”) does more than just deliver fast-food to your doorstep… MUCH more!

Here’s a sampling of their services:

Food Delivery

  • home & work delivery locations
  • lunch & dinner delivery hours
  • no minimum orders
  • $4.95 fee + 10% gratuity

Dry Cleaning

  • pickup & delivery available
  • home & office delivery locations
  • example: all shirts $2.00

Lawn Care

  • mowing
  • tree pruning
  • seeding
  • landscaping
  • call for estimate

Maid Service

  • call for estimate

Car Service

  • at your home or office
  • oil change (gas and diesel engines)
  • car wash
  • tire rotation
  • brake service
  • call for estimate

Those are the services they publicly advertise, though I would venture to guess that they’ll to most anything you need them to do… for a nominal fee. And we think it’s quite reasonable. Plus, it saves you time and energy.

Not to mention the fact that this type of service would be helpful to busy people (and moms and dads who’ve got their hands full!) who just can’t take the time to run a quick errand or two.

In fact, the driver actually told us that they’ll run to the grocery store for you & deliver whatever you need — whether it be a gallon of milk, or your evening’s groceries!


My Butler’s Delivery Area

My Butler Delivers logo.It appears that My Butler only delivers in the Franklin/Cool Springs and Brentwood areas at this time. But I bet they’ll be growing by leaps and bounds, and will be expanding into other Nashville communities in no time!

Don’t live in Middle Tennessee?… Look around, I’m sure a similar service exists in most major cities, and some of the “trendier” suburbs and college towns. If there’s not one in your area yet, then by all means, hop on the entrepreneurial bandwagon and get one started!

Personal delivery services like My Butler are going to be around for a long, LONG time.

Listen to Bud Light’s Real American Heroes ”Mr. Chinese Food Delivery Guy”:

What I Learned Today…

We’re now officially addicted to Sir Pizza.

I sure hope my mom & brother are reading this, because it turns out that Sir Pizza is what used to be called Pizza King! (My family used to love Pizza King’s thin, crispy crust back in Indiana.)