Party On The Porch!

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Mike drinking strawberry daiquiris on the front porch. Our friend, Mike (a fellow entrepreneur and co-creator of PitPass souvenir programs with us) was in town last weekend, and we had a big time.

One of the highlights was our little “Party on the Porch” which consisted of Jim and Mike strumming their guitars and singing songs while sitting on the rocking chairs on our front porch.


It was a beautiful evening, and some ice cold adult beverages helped to make this an enjoyable night for all… except maybe our neighbors (sorry guys).

Some photos from our “Party on the Porch” last weekend:

Mike making strawberry daiquiris in the blender. Jim's eager to get this party started! Porchside prose being written from a rocking chair.

Playing guitar. Now that's some serious strummin there, Jim. Mike at twilight playing guitar on the porch.

Destin enjoyed watching the water sprinkler from the porch, while keeping an eye on all our neighbors. Just a couple of porch sitters.

Welcome to our little porch party... I see you got your invitation in the mail. Mike's autographed guitar. Mike and Jim a drinkin' and a singin'.

Seems Like Old Times…

This wasn’t the first time these two had gotten together to make beautiful music together. Oh no… Mike and Jim have a long-standing tradition of taking their guitars everywhere they go together and coming up with some of the most creative little ditties on the fly!

Check out some of the pictures from previous road trips to IHRA racing events… you’ll notice the guitar was the star of the show.

Two guitars on rocking chairs on the front porch.