Tennessee State Parks Are FREE… Here Are Our Favorite State Parks Near Nashville

Did you know that wherever you are in Tennessee there’s a state park within an hour’s drive?! Good news: ALL Tennessee state parks are now FREE! So, if you haven’t been to one of Tennessee’s state parks in awhile, this is something to add to your Bucket List. See a complete list of Tennessee state parks and which ones are our favorites in Middle Tennessee. Plus other fun things to do in the Nashville area.

Nashville Spray Parks & Spraygrounds: FREE Water Parks & Fun For All Ages!

A sprayground is a water playground consisting of a multiple groups of spray features surrounded by a kid-friendly playing surface. Spraygrounds are typically automated and use nozzles and shower-type heads to distribute the water. They sometimes include interactive features, as well. For example, some sprays can be activated by users touching a button which begins a computerized water sequence. Here are Nashville’s spray parks…

Red Bull Flugtag Event In Nashville

Flugtag is an extraordinary flying contest that’s sponsored by Red Bull and taking place in Nashville this summer. Red Bull calls it ‘the quest for human-powered flight’. You don’t want to miss it!

Weekend Highlights: Road Trip Fun!

We went on a VERY spontaneous road trip this weekend. Starting in Nashville, the states we visited in 2 days over 700 miles included: South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and East Tennessee.