Nashville Spray Parks & Spraygrounds: FREE Water Parks & Fun For All Ages!

by Lynnette

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Nashville’s Metro Parks department maintains a variety of seasonal outdoor pools and year-round indoor pools, including Wave Country, pictured here:

But my favorite kind of water park is what is known as a sprayground or a spray park. Some also call them splash pads or splash parks. Others refer to them as dancing water fountains.

The best part: They’re all FREE!


What Is A Sprayground?

A sprayground is a water playground consisting of a multiple groups of spray features surrounded by a kid-friendly playing surface.

Spraygrounds are typically automated and use nozzles and shower-type heads to distribute the water. They sometimes include interactive features, as well. For example, some sprays can be activated by users touching a button which begins a computerized water sequence.

I have seen them in other cities before — like Atlanta’s Centennial Fountain — but I think I was first introduced to them at Sea World, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and places like that.

Until recently, I didn’t realize they were actually meant to be played in and enjoyed by people of all ages.

I always thought they were just for looks and that select tourists and local residents utilized them as harmless water parks for their children.

Boy, was I wrong. Nashville’s spraygrounds are meant to be splashed in!

Spray parks are generally very safe for small children to play in — with adult supervision.


Nashville Spray Parks

So, gather up the kids and head to the nearest spray park.

Here are some choices for Nashville area spraygrounds:

Kirkpatrick Sprayground
620 S. 9th Street
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 862-8453 or (615) 862-8480
Opens May 25; Closes Labor Day
Official hours are 9AM to 6:30PM Monday thru Friday and 10AM to 3PM on weekends.

Watkins Sprayground
Jo Johnston Avenue at 17th Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 862-8469
Opens May 25; Closes Labor Day
Official hours are 9AM to 6:30PM Monday thru Friday and 10AM to 3PM on weekends.bicentennial-park-fountains

Don Fox Community Park
955 Baddour Parkway
Lebanon, Tennessee
(615) 449-0303
There’s a wading pool designed for young children, water umbrellas and other fun spraying features. This park was voted Tennessee’s #2 family park in the state.

Bicentenntial Park Water Fountains
600 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 741-5280
A popular spot during the hot summer months, parents put their kids in swimsuits so they can run through the dancing fountains at Bicentennial Mall park. There are 31 fountains representing the major rivers of Tennessee.

UPDATE:  The Bicentennial Park fountains were damaged in the Nashville Flood (May of 2010). It is uncertain when the water fountains will be operational again. Fortunately, there’s a new splash pad in town! (see below)


Cumberland Park Sprayground
592 S. 1st Street
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 862-8508
This is an innovative play space for children and families that incorporates unique play structures & water features along Nashville’s riverfront.

Here’s video and an overview of Nashville’s Cumberland Park.



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