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New Nashville Star Judges: The Show Airs Mondays On NBC Starting June 9th

jeffrey-steele-at-songwriter-walk-of-fame-ceremony.jpg I’ll be watching Nashville Star 6 this season. But, oddly enough, I think I’m more interested in seeing the judges than some of the performers themselves!

I’m diggin’ the fact that Jeffrey Steele is a judge. Finally… more Jeffrey Steele in the limelight!

You see, Jim and I have been following Jeff Steele for what seems like ages now, and we still can’t get enough. He’s a shining star in the Country Music industry. He’s right up there with Craig Wiseman in our book — as far as songwriters go anyways.

Okay, I’ll just say it… If I had my way, I’d see to it that The Hitmen of Music Row produce, judge, promote, star in, and otherwise have their hands in just about anything that’s Country Music related these days! All of these guys are among the top hit-makers in the biz. And they know how it works from the entry-level songwriting trials & tribulations to the mega-hits that can result. Best of all… they keep things FUN!

Now onto the other judges…

Nashville Star Season 6 Judges

Yes, I think John Rich, in all his star-studded glory, will likely bring some interesting moments to the show.

And he’s got his hands in everything that is associated with the
john-rich-hosting-gone-country-2.jpgCountry Music industry these days, so he’ll definitely play an important and influential role in the lives of the Country Music wannabee’s who are participating in Nashville Star 6.

? Ehh… she’s a little too sugar sweet for my taste. And being on one season of Nashville Star is plenty, right? (She hosted the show one year.) But I guess she’s there to be the “nice” complement to the honest (and sometimes harsh) opinions of John Rich — and probably Jeffrey Steele, to a much lesser degree.

Now Billy Ray Cyrus… We love him. He’s a much better singer and songwriter than most give him credit for. He’s also a down-to-earth good guy. He’s not just the Achy-Breaky Heart guy, you know. Here’s to hoping he can keep his head above the water long enough for his career to reap the benefits of all this recent face-time on TV. You can’t help but think that his daughter (you know who) is partly — if not mostly — responsible for helping him get back on the radar screen of Country Music fans. I have to say this: “Miley… Ready… Set… GO!  It’s time for daddy to fly solo.”


UPDATE June 9, 2008:
Well, just goes to show what I know… I had the judges pegged all wrong! After watching the first episode tonight, I have to eat my words as far as the judges are concerned.

First… Jewel. She appears to be the mouthy, negative one of the bunch. Shocker!  (I gotta admit, now I’m watching to see what she’ll say next.) Then Jeffrey Steele… while still the quiet one of the bunch, he’s a tad harsher on these performers than I would’ve thought him to be.  (And I haven’t agreed with many of his criticisms so far.) Believe it or not, John Rich — while always bold and brutally  honest, and a bit of an ego trip — I have to say I find myself agreeing with him the most so far. (Another shocker!) Then there’s Billy Ray, the host. He’s so not comfortable in his role as host — just as he predicted before the show even started when he said he’s not likely to be the most dynamic teleprompter reader there ever was. This has now been confirmed.

Some other random thoughts about the show…
When I heard that Nashville Star was moving to NBC (from USA Network), I figured the show would be kicked up a notch in terms of the polished look on air, better professional editing, and an overall top-notch quality show. But, so far, I have to say the show looks haphazardly put together and a little less professional than I would’ve thought for NBC.

And when I was listening to the intro song that all of the contestants performed together on opening night, I couldn’t help but think, “These were the best they could find?!” Granted, I couldn’t do any better. But I didn’t audition. You’d think the finalists would be more inclined to blow you away and less inclined to make you want to cover your ears.

I’ll still be tuning in week to week. But I’m just not as “into it” as I have been in previous years. (Except for Jewel… I can’t wait to see what she says next!)

And, in case you’re wondering, I’m rooting for the girl from Arlington, TX (Melissa Lawson) and the Navy guy, Tommy Stanley, from the USS Kitty Hawk.


There are several contestants from Tennessee in the running: