Best Places To See Celebrities In Nashville

Living in Franklin, Tennessee, we see a good deal of celebrities whenever we’re out and about. Here are some of the best places where you are most likely to spot a celebrity in and around Nashville. (We’ve excluded all of the music venues and locations where Nashville celebrities are on hand for a specific function.)

Talk Radio: Me, Dawson McAllister, And Teens

Here a little about radio talk show host, Dawson McAllister and his show for teens, plus info about my favorite talk radio station: Real Radio 104.1 out of Orlando, Florida. The station features commentary from Monsters in the Morning, The Shannon Burke Show, and the Phillips Phile.

My Crazy Story… How I Found A Church

I never thought I’d feel compelled to share my personal story about finding a church with anyone before. I tend to believe that things like church, religion, and God are all very personal matters that mean different things to different people. I’m of the ‘live and let live’ theory when it comes to issues like this, but today, I just had to share…

Our Favorite Church: Bellevue Community Church (BCC) in Nashville

From the music… to the messages… to the church’s down-to-earth pastor David Foster, there’s a lot to be said for the fellowship at Bellevue Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee! Here’s how we found a church in Nashville, and why we’re proud to call BCC home.