Nashville Helps Hurricane Victims: BCC & Other Churches Get Involved

by Lynnette

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There’s no doubt about it, the entire Nashville community is pulling together to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Two guys from Nashville (from The Southern Pride Band) wrote about Hurricane Katrina called “Eye of the Hurricane”.

Everywhere you go, there are signs posted regarding some form of relief for the people of Mississippi and Louisiana:

This sign appears on I-65 North indicating there's a Red Cross Shelter set up at Exit 78 in Nashville, Tennessee. This sign appears on I-65 North indicating there's a Red Cross Shelter set up at Exit 78 in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Families are opening their homes to those displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
  • There are over 10,000 people from the Hurricane who’ve found refuge in Nashville and other parts of Middle Tennessee… and another 18,000 on the way!
  • Empty tractor trailers lined up to accept donations that will be hauled to area affected by Hurricane Katrina. Businesses, large and small, are becoming drop-off locations for the basic necessities — including canned food items, bottled water, diapers, paper products, etc.
  • Clearview Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee is serving as a Red Cross Shelter for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Churches and schools are serving as shelters and Red Cross blood donation stations.
  • Local (and national) celebrities are appearing on TV and radio stations encouraging the people of Middle Tennessee to get involved.
  • Nashville is also one of four U.S. cities hosting a national Katrina Relief Concert on Sept. 10th (in addition to Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York).—> Here are some FREE things for Katrina evacuees to do while in Nashville!—> There’s a Hurricane Relief Telethon TONIGHT featuring Tim McGraw, Harry Connick Jr., Wynton Marsalis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Faith Hill, Claire Danes, Aaron Neville, Mike Myers, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Swank, Eli Manning, John Goodman, Eric LaSalle, and others with ties to the Gulf Coast region. (NBC 8pm Eastern — you can even watch it LIVE online!)

    The BCC Donation Site
    As one example of the widespread support Katrina victims are receiving from Nashville, our church (Bellevue Community Church) is coordinating with the American Red Cross to get donated supplies to the areas most in need.

    BCC Hurrican Katrina Disaster Relief. This is a slide that rotated on the screens overhead at Bellevue Community Church last Sunday. They will be shipping at least one tractor-trailer load of canned goods and bottled water to the affected areas.

    An American Red Cross truck. If you would like to donate canned good or bottled water for this cause, then I encourage you to drop them off at the BCC campus any time this weekend.

    Or, if you’d like to help, but cannot get out to BCC this weekend, simply drop us an e-mail and we’d be happy to take the items there for you.

    Bellevue Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee.Just the same, there are MANY of other ways that you can get involved and make a difference in the lives of the Hurricane victims. No action is too small… just do SOMETHING.

    — > If you haven’t already, please submit a photo of you or your family doing something POSITIVE to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. (Every single photo results in another dollar being sent to the Red Cross.)

    Other Ways You Can Help

    • American Red Cross
      The Red Cross is coordinating efforts to meet the critical needs of these Hurricane victims. You can donate online or call: 1-800-HELP NOW.
    • America’s Second Harvest
      Second Harvest is working with the Red Cross to provide food for victims. You can donate online or call: 1-800-344-8070.
    • Operation Blessing
      Operation Blessing is helping to break the cycle of suffering. You can donate online or call: 1-800-436-6348.

    UPDATE 9/7/05:
    Last Friday’s Katrina Relief Concert on NBC (mentioned above) raised more than $40 MILLION!!!!

    UPDATE 9/8/05:
    The ever-popular JACK Radio (96.3 FM in Nashville) whose tagline is “Playing What WE Want” is doing something they always said they’d NEVER do… They’re playing what YOU want!

    For one day (Friday, September 9th) JACK Radio is “Playing What You Want” — as long as you make a minimum $50 donation to the American Red Cross.

    It’s all part of Broadcast Unity Day where broadcasters all over the country are pulling together to raise the much needed funds to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    …yet another FUN way to help if you can!