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Why I Love Toyotas! (…and Other Little-Known Secrets About Filming Movies & TV Commercials In Franklin)

Toyota filming sign taped to a lightpost in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. Our town is the coolest around!

I ask you…

What other tiny city is so well-respected, and quaint, and clean, and sought out for TV commercials as much as Franklin, Tennessee is?

(And don’t miss the movies which premiered in Franklin below.)

Yep, they were filming ANOTHER television commercial here in Franklin this morning.

This one:
a Toyota car commercial.

New Toyota cars parked along the curb in Franklin, Tennessee.It started at the crack of dawn in downtown Franklin (which led to some major backups getting to work this morning), and wound up on Fourth Avenue in front of Puckett’s Grocery late this afternoon.

Filming a Toyota car commercial in Franklin, Tennessee. We were only able to get close enough at the evening shoot to capture a photograph.

Check out the hot new Toyotas parked along the curb. (At this time, the cameras were rolling on the lead vehicle, which had someone inside.)

…Notice the “fake” license plates?

What I Learned Today
I LOVE Toyotas (…and Hamburger Helper!)







Franklin Toyota commercial. UPDATE 9/2/05: They were at it again this morning… This time, at the downtown square (actually it’s a circle, or a roundabout). One-half of the roundabout was blocked off and set up to look like a two-way road with drivers (those lucky “extras”!) going both ways. You can see those brand new, shiny Toyotas in this photo (…not bad for a drive-by).