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Mike Wolfe from the American Pickers TV show has an antique store here. See what Antique Archaeology Nashville Tennessee is like & what you can expect to find at the American Pickers shop.

I've got 2 boys. Here is my family's review of this one-of-a-kind car museum, plus some time- and money-saving tips worth sharing before you go!

The Frist Center in Nashville isn't your typical art museum. There are traditional visual arts galleries and hands-on interactive areas for kids. My trip to The Frist Center with two 9-year-old boys.

The Adventure Science Center in Nashville will not only keep you nice & cool in the summer heat, but it will teach your kids (and you) about science in fun & interesting ways.

If you have passed by Landmark Booksellers in downtown Franklin, TN and never gone in, this review is for you! Unlike typical bookstores, Landmark Booksellers specializes in antiques and first-edition books.

There will be art openings & talks, a book signing, and holiday receptions at art galleries throughout Nashville.

Our network of 21 websites begins its 6th year today. We started this little gig in August 2004... slowly adding new sites through the years. We couldn't have done it alone. Thanks to all our hard-working writers, and you the readers for making The Fun Times Guide what it is today. It's been 5 fun years. Here's to another 5!...

New to Franklin, TN? Or just passing through? Need recommendations from others before visiting a local business for the first time? See our favorite local businesses & services (including realtors) in Franklin, Tennessee that we like to support whenever we can -- and why we think they're the best.

Art from all mediums and genres will be displayed on March 20, 2008 from 6 - 10pm at the Franklin Factory. Proceeds from the art sales will be donated to The Minnie Pearl Scholarship program.