Franklin / Nashville Basics

Reasons To Choose Spring Hill TN (Just South Of Franklin) As A Place To Live Near Nashville


We've lived in Williamson County ever since we moved from Florida in 2001. Let's see, we started in Brentwood (Nippers Corner area)... then built a house in Franklin (near West Haven)... found a sweet deal on a house in Spring Hill (on the Williamson County side)... and bought property in Leipers Fork (which has a Franklin, TN address) for our log home retirement dream home. So we're pretty familiar with Williamson County and what it's like to live in each of those Williamson County … [Read more...]

2010 Nashville Flood Facts And Photos


The Nashville flood was unprecedented and the first of its kind for this area. Around here, they call it the 1000-year flood. The 2 days of constant rain and flooding which took place on May 1-2, 2010 in Nashville Tennessee broke all kinds of records: It was the most rainfall in 2 days in Nashville's history. Rivers throughout Middle Tennessee crested at record high levels, exceeding previous highs by as much as 14 feet. It was one of the largest U.S. floods in the last 100 years, … [Read more...]

Drivers In Tennessee: Dial *THP For Roadside Assistance & To Report Road Rage Or A Driver Under The Influence

I just heard an ad for this today on the radio... When you're traveling on Tennessee roadways and notice a stranded driver, or become stranded yourself, you're encouraged to dial *THP on your cell phone and a highway patrol officer will be dispatched to help you.   The Tennessee Department of Safety wants to remind motorists to dial *THP if they encounter trouble on the road. The Tennessee Highway Patrol responds to more than half a million calls for service each year.  State … [Read more...]

Do You Have To Change Your Tennessee Drivers License Address If You Move, But Stay In The Same County?

What happens when you move from one address in Williamson County, TN to another address in the same county? Do you have to change the address on your drivers license? That's what I was asking a few months ago when we moved from Franklin to Spring Hill. I wanted to do the right thing, but I didn't want to pay for a new drivers license if I didn't have to! Here's what I found (and did) recently. In the end, it was a big win for me!   … [Read more...]

Funny Picture: Welcome To Franklin!

I took this photo downtown Franklin, TN -- right in front of the Franklin Post Office.      PHOTO CAPTION:  Welcome to beautiful downtown Franklin. Have a seat. ...Well, on second thought, you better sit somewhere else! … [Read more...]

Henpeck Lane Offers Lots Of Great Housing Choices

Who would have thought that living on a street named Henpeck Lane would be such a good thing?  As you drive down the country road, passing fields and farms along the way, you might be surprised by the housing developments that pop up here and there.  Henpeck Lane stretches from Highway 31/Columbia Highway (just a few miles south of where Mack Hatcher Parkway intersects it) over to Highway 431/Lewisburg Pike (just north of Peytonsville Road).  Lined with homes of varying sizes and … [Read more...]

The Brownstones – A Neighborhood Development In Franklin, TN

I took at walk down to The Brownstones at First and Church in historic downtown Franklin recently, and was inspired to take photographs and write about my experience. Located at the corner of 1st Avenue and Church Street, The Brownstones are perfectly suited to the style and era of downtown Franklin.   They fit in with the architecture and design of the late 1800s and early 1900s, as most of the area was built during that period. … [Read more...]

Westhaven: Franklin Tennessee’s Haven Of Rest And Relaxation Just Outside Of Town

Just 3 miles west of historic Franklin's downtown square on Highway 96, Westhaven explodes with a 1,500-acre master-planned community, mixed-use town center and private golf club.  The 15-year project began in 2003 and includes everything from townhomes, flats and single-family dwellings to retail space and an 18-hole golf course.  Westhaven covers 1,543 acres and will house 2,596 residential units and over 500,000 square feet of commercial space. Source … [Read more...]

Avalon: A Franklin Neighborhood That’s Medieval With A Modern Twist

Located just off I-65, along McEwen Road from Wilson Pike to Cool Springs Blvd., Avalon is one of Franklin’s newer residential developments. Its first home was completed in 2005 and now, in 2008, is nearly built out with only a handful of lots remaining. I first heard about Avalon in early 2005 when the Tennessean published an interview with The Principals Group, the developer. … [Read more...]