Franklin Rodeo: Review & Tips From A First-Timer

I have watched rodeos on TV and have always been amazed at how those cowboys are able to stay on their crazy horses for so long. To see it in person at the Franklin Rodeo was even more astounding. My son and his friend had an especially good time at the Franklin Rodeo.

Aspen Grove Park: Hidden In The Heart Of Cool Springs, TN

Where I grew up in Florida, there were no parks like Aspen Grove Park to speak of where you could walk, run or bike. And, certainly, there were no bubbling streams and golf courses along the path. It’s easy to take for granted some of these parks right in our backyard. So don’t. Take advantage of them and see for yourself… we live in a beautiful place!

An EAR For The ARTS At The Franklin Factory

Art from all mediums and genres will be displayed on March 20, 2008 from 6 – 10pm at the Franklin Factory. Proceeds from the art sales will be donated to The Minnie Pearl Scholarship program.

Franklin’s Holly Trolley Holiday Lights Tour

Tis the season for checking out Franklin, Tennessee’s holiday light displays. One interesting way to see all of the Christmas lights is to hop on the Franklin Trolley and let them chauffeur you through the town to gaze at all of the glittering decorations. Here’s the scoop…

The Franklin Dog Park vs Warner Dog Park

My aim here is simply to give new residents or visitors in the Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee area an honest review and some idea of what they can expect to find upon their first visit to the Warner Dog Park or Maggie’s Park Park — aka The Franklin Dog Park.

Our Favorite Dog Parks In Franklin & Nashville

Here’s what you can expect to see when you go to the Franklin Dog Park — also known as Maggie’s Bark Park — in Williamson County. Or, if you go to the Warner Dog Park — part of the Percy Warner Parks system between Brentwood and Bellevue in Nashville. Lots of photos!

Good News About The Williamson County Fair!

They’ve announced that they’ve fixed a number of the ‘problems’ that crept into the past two year’s Williamson County Fairs. This year’s Fair looks like a sure hit. Two thumbs up!