Alan Jackson’s House… Living Like Royalty In Franklin, Tennessee!

Living where we do, we have the opportunity to take in a lot of unique sights & sounds… especially those which pertain to singers, songwriters, musicians, and other celebs who reside in and around Nashville.

For us though, there’s a fine line between wanting to see where these mega-stars live (and thereby photographing such locations), and respecting their privacy.

We’re not the type to participate in “star stalking”, per se. But we have a hard time passing up an opportunity to satisfy our own curiosities.

For that reason, you aren’t likely to see most of the stars’ homes that we’ve photographed (and other shots we’ve captured out & about in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Leiper’s Fork and beyond) here on this website.




AJ’s Home: For Public Consumption

Country Weekly Magazine - May 15, 2003 issue. The reason I am including info about our brief tour of Alan Jackson’s home without any reservation is because his home has been photographed and written about (with his permission, mind you) several times already in major newspapers, magazines, and other websites.


Alan Jackson's 'Sweetbriar' home in Franklin, Tennessee. This clipping is from the May 13, 2003 issue of Country Weekly Magazine.


Add that to that, the fact that the tour buses spend an extraordinary amount of time parked in front of his home on a daily basis… It’s no secret where Alan Jackson lives these days.

Alan’s wife, Denise, describes the house, which the couple began building in 1993, as “casual elegance.” Alan affectionately calls the 26,500-square-foot mansion “Sweetbriar” and says it was inspired by the movie Gone With the Wind. Source

Alan Jackson's Franklin, Tennessee house in the winter. photo by Lynnette at


The Royal Treatment

As mentioned previously, Harlo and Georgia had been wanting to see this mansion. And, since it was on the way home, we swung by AJ’s humble abode.


Which, at night — all lit up and tucked safely behind a black wrought-iron fence — looks remarkably similar to the White House! That, or the Opry Hotel — miniaturized.

The White House in Washington D.C. photo by Lynnette at TheFunTimesGuide.comBut, don’t get the wrong idea… There’s nothing “miniature” about this place. It’s over 40,000 square feet! Jim did the math, and it turns out that Alan Jackson’s house ALONE would barely fit on Georgia & Harlo’s entire 3-quarter acre LOT!

And the fence surrounding AJ’s property starts about 1 mile before you even GET to his house.

Alan Jackson's house located in Franklin, Tennessee just outside of Nashville. photo by Lynnette at TheFunTimesGuide.comBut I must say, at night, it looked even more amazing than the other times we’d seen it in the daytime. This picture (taken without a tripod at night) doesn’t do it justice…


More Pictures Of Alan Jackson’s House

Bert White maintains the largest online collection of Alan Jackson photos, and he has some nice shots of Alan Jackson’s Sweetbriar home in Franklin, Tennessee during the daytime.

Here are some pictures inside Alan Jackson’s garage — including AJ’s incredible car collection. Check out that desk… and all the wall decor! Here‘s the story.

While Alan Jackson has several different boats (including the Hoochie Coochie), here are some pictures our friends took of Alan Jackson, his wife Denise, and their 3 daughters on their boat “The Lady J” near Ashland City, TN:


Alan Jackson, wife Terry with their boat - the Lady J. photo by Georgia at TheFunTimesGuide.comAlan Jackson and his family on their boat. photo by Georgia at TheFunTimesGuide.comAlan Jackson's boat - the Lady J. photo by Georgia at


Here’s a video tour of Alan Jackson’s boat — see what it’s like aboard the Lady J!


Carved into the stone at the gate to Alan Jackson's home is the word 'Sweetbriar'. photo by Lynnette at TheFunTimesGuide.comUPDATE: September 2009

Alan Jackson’s house is now for sale. He’s decided to downsize a bit. Here are photos and video inside Alan Jackson’s home.


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