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Our Church (BCC) Was Rated ‘Best Place to Worship in Nashville’

We’ve known about Bellevue Community Church (BCC) for a couple years now, and we’ve been telling people about it ever since.

Well, it seems the word is out… and in a BIG way!

BCC was recently rated by Nashville area citizens as the “Best Place to Worship in Nashville.” This comes from The Nashville Scene, a local newspaper which conducts an annual survey of Nashville area residents by gathering community opinions on all the best stuff in and around Nashville.

Not only was BCC rated the “Best Place to Worship in Nashville“, it was also rated as having the “Best Church Music“!

It’s the music that attracted us at first, it’s the powerful messages of Dr. David Foster that have kept us going every Sunday (…and sometimes wishing Sunday would hurry up and get here, just so we can hear another uplifting story from Dave!)

We’re so glad that more and more people are discovering this ‘gem’ of a church. It’s unlike any other you might have been to. (And no, it’s not charismatic …nor a cult!) It’s the most “real” church we’ve ever been to, and the most “accepting” of all walks of life, all points of view, and all individuals — big and small. It’s a great community church.

If you haven’t been to BCC yet, check it out! Either in person or broadcast live online every Sunday morning (at normal service times). Chances are that you, too, will walk away thinking, “He was talking to ME this morning.” Or, “I didn’t realize that other people feel that way to!”

So, if you need a lift, a laugh, or just a little something new… I encourage you to check out the energizing messages delivered each Sunday by Pastor David Foster.

Here’s a little about our recent journey in search of a church.

UPDATE 12/2007: In case you’re wondering where Dave Foster’s new church (The Gathering) is meeting these days. It’s at the Thoroughbred 20 in Franklin TN. Yep, a movie theater… it’s still just as informal and the music and the messages are just as good as ever!