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The Hitmen Of Music Row: Jeffrey Steele, Bob DiPiero, Tony Mullins, And Craig Wiseman

I guess you could say, ‘We knew them when.’

Well, not really… These guys (Jeffrey Steele, Bob DiPiero, Tony Mullins and Craig Wiseman) wouldn’t be able to pick Jim and I out in a crowd or anything. But we feel like we knew them way back when — before they were ‘famous’.


Which really isn’t fair to say either, because these guys were Rockin’ & Rollin’ and singin’ the Blues looonnng before our first time seeing them perform together as a group at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

We’ve actually seen each of these amazing songwriters performing individually (or sometimes, or with one or another of The Hitmen) several times at various places in and around Nashville, Tennessee.

And thanks to the GAC channel, you probably have a better appreciation for these guys and their music, too. (Not to mention their amazing — and offbeat — sense of humor!)

I was just searching around the Internet for their schedule. I was hoping we might be able to catch the 4 of them performing as The Hitmen of Music Row somewhere soon.

Then I figured that I may as well share all of the cool sites and information I found with everyone here…


The Hitmen of Music Row

Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the first Realty TV show on GAC which premiered in September 26, 2007 featuring The Hitmen of Music Row:

What a HOOOoooOOOT!!

Here’s an example of the on-stage antics:

Here’s more about these 4 guys who are now famously known as The Hitmen of Music Row


Videos Of The Hitmen Performing Live


Songwriter Jeffrey Steele videos — an excellent collection of live performances by Jeffrey Steele!


Songwriter Bob DiPiero videos — okay, these aren’t all of Bob performing his songs. There are a lot of others performing his songs, too.


Songwriter Tony Mullins videos — just a few videos featuring Tony himself. He’s a trip!


Songwriter Craig Wiseman videos — lots of good stuff featuring Craig’s music here.


Watch for new Hitmen of Music Row shows near you! After 10 years focusing on their solo careers, they’ve started to hit the road again to share the stories behind all the songs they’ve written.


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