Franklin / Nashville Basics

School Closings: Williamson County’s Emergency Procedures To Inform Parents

Franklin TN schools are closed so often at the last minute that it’s hard to guess whether school is going to be open or closed these days. And it’s clear that Williamson County Tennessee parents are searching for ‘a better way’ to find out about school closings — especially at times when schools become closed at the last minute due to bad weather or some other emergency. Okay parents, here’s what you need to know…

Stop Littering In Tennessee… How To Report People Who Litter

Keep Tennessee Beautiful group and Tennessee Department of Transportation recently launched StopLitter — a new Tennessee Litter Prevention Campaign to provide education and awareness to Tennesseans. Here’s what you can do to report people who litter in Tennessee.

Nashville Is The New LA

Have you seen the new ‘Nashville is the new L.A.’ t-shirts yet??? We’ve started seeing more and more of these fun shirts around Nashville. Now, Jim and I are each getting one!

Tennessee: One Of The Most Tax-Friendly States

Tennessee ranks 3rd as the most tax-friendly state in the U.S. Overall, the local tax burden, as a percentage of income, is 8.5% in Tennessee. Specifically, the city of Murfreesboro is the most tax-friendly city in Tennessee.

Doesn’t Anyone Read The Newspaper Anymore?!

I have hard & fast proof that no one reads the newspaper anymore. Either that, or peer pressure has taken over in my neighborhood, and everyone seems to follow suit. Do you know when trash collection days are in your neighborhood?…