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Last Day Of School…

Glad I had my camera on me for THIS shot!…


I went home for lunch the other day, and captured this photo while driving through downtown historic Franklin, TN.

This small, private elementary school (Battle Ground Academy) was celebrating its last day of school.

The funniest thing was that this was the MAIN road in and out of Franklin… a very busy U.S. Highway 31… yet these parents were fully comfortable utilizing the center turn/merge lane for their pseudo Parade-of-Parents line-up.

Also: that the PARENTS were so into it… more than the kids, from what I could tell!

The parents all lined the street (both shoulders, AND the center turn lane of this MAIN road through Franklin!) in their SUVs and minivans to pick up their kids at school.

And it seemed that they all made a point to get there early to share shoe polish & helium too, because as soon as one parent arrived in “the car line”, they would hop out of their car and immediately be greeted by another parent who was handing off the shoe polish — at which point they would start writing a message on their car windows, and streaming balloons from their car antennas, and the like.

They were all in a tizzy…

Nothing wrong with any of this, mind you. Except for the fact that the parents were the ones acting like KIDS!

Too funny.