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Franklin, Tennessee: Now That’s HOT!

…It appears that we live in the HOTTEST zip code in middle Tennessee!

After hearing something on the local news about the rising cost (and subsequent value) of housing in Tennessee, we checked out News Channel 4’s website and found this:

37064 is the only Zip Code that all of the real estate experts agreed was THE hottest zip in Middle Tennessee.

Well, well. It appears that we are perched smack dab in the middle of something lucrative — for a change.

Lil ‘ol us… in the southwestern corner of Franklin, Tennessee.

Truthfully, we’re not all that surprised. Over the past several months, we’ve been closly watching the house values in our neighborhood (and all Williamson County zip codes) sky-rocket at record speed.

Every day in our neighborhood, it seems there’s a new house or two that goes up on the market, and another house or two that’s sold. The turnaround time is QUICK!

Will We Stay? Will We Go?
For the record, we built our home here 3 years ago, and the value of our home has increased by 12% in that time.

Our plan was to live here 5 years, at which point we had hoped to find another place in Williamson County (hopefully still in Franklin) that we could afford with more land and less of a “subdivision” setting. If all goes as planned, that will be early in 2007.

But now we’re asking ourselves if we should sell NOW while the area is at its peak. Decisions… decisions.

Not to mention the fact that we can barely afford anything else in this area… The cost of land ALONE in Williamson County (if you can find some, that is) is about the price of the home that we’re in now!

Facts About Franklin’s 37064
According to Sperling’s Best Places, our Zip Code has a population of 43,690 and a median home value of $220,400.

Other fun facts about 37064:

    • Median age: 34.0


    • Percent married: 61%


    • People per household: 2.8


    • High school graduates: 81.5%


    • Unemployment rate: 2.6%


    • Recent job growth: 4.1%


    • Future job growth: 35.3% (WOW!)


    • Percent working at home: 3.0%


    Snowfall (inches annually): 3.4

See how these numbers compare to the larger metro area, and to national averages here.

What I Learned Today…
37064 is the new 90210?