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Highlights: Best Quote Heard On The ACM Awards Show…

Academy of Country Music Awards Show logo.The funniest quote from last night’s Academy of Country Music Awards show in Las Vegas was from songwriter, Craig Wiseman.

Craig and co-writer Tim Nichols had just arrived up on stage with Tim McGraw to accept the award for Song of the Year (for “Live Like You Were Dyin”), when Craig grabbed the mic and said:

Oh my gosh… Tim McGraw just shook this hand [pointing to his right hand]. And Faith Hill just kissed this cheek [pointing to his right cheek]. I’m putting myself up for bid on eBay tomorrow!

Okay, so maybe it only seemed like the best quote to me because Jim and I are huge fans of Craig Wiseman.

Craig Wiseman photo

This guy’s songwriting abilities are amazing. As a songwriter, Craig Wiseman is in a class of his own. And it was high time that more people got to see him… live… on national TV.

Here’s a list of Craig Wiseman songs.

Let’s not forget: Tim McGraw would not be who he is today without all of the great songwriters who have penned all of his hits.

Tim McGraw singing at the microphone.

I can’t help but feel that songwriters still don’t get their due respect. But, things may be changing…

I distinctly remember another award presenter (Brett, one of the Warren Brothers) giving a shout-out to all the songwriters — who are under-represented in the music industry — at last night’s Academy of Country Music Awards show too.