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Roadside Memorials & Bad Drivers

roadside_memorialsFound these stories in the news and thought they were interesting because:

#1. I didn’t know that roadside memorials were illegal; and

#2. I didn’t know that you could turn someone in for driving badly.

Did you?…

Personally, I think that picking your nose while driving should be illegal, but that’s another story.

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Roadside Memorials Are Illegal

Who knew that roadside memorials were against the law?

In Tennessee they are.

I, for one am happy about that.

C’mon, there are far better ways to memorialize your loved ones than with wooden crosses, soggy teddy bears, and artificial flower arrangements buried in the overgrown median of some public road!

But, if they’re illegal, then why are there so many of them?

Well, according to the local news, TDOT (and others) have started officially removing them along Tennessee roadways, because they are an eyesore and distract other drivers.

Tennessee’s Department of Transportation does not regulate roadside memorials or keep track of how many are on Tennessee roadways but said the placement of roadside memorials and other items on the side of the road is against the law. “This is a public right of way,” TDOT Spokeswoman B.J. Doughty said. “This is state-owned property and technically anyone who uses that land or puts something on that land is trespassing.” TDOT is required to keep the shoulder of roads clear of obstructions. — Nashville News 2

As a compromise, Tennessee lawmakers and TDOT are considering some sort of a state-sponsored marker that will be used to indicate the site of a tragic accident, while not creating such a distraction to other drivers. In addition, they’re recommending planting trees and shrubs in public places as memorials or adopting a highway in their loved one’s name.

Personally, if there must be roadside memorials of any kind, I like the state-sponsored memorials best. Why? Because they have a unified look, and when you see so many similar looking signs they really get the message across about distracted driving, drunk driving, and other acts of careless driving where lives have been lost.

When we were driving through Florida, I snapped this photo of a roadside memorial we passed:



Police Crack Down On Road Rage

Local citizens can now join in the fight to keep aggressive drivers off the road! The Metro Police Department in Nashville now wants you to report someone for driving recklessly, displaying “road rage”, or otherwise wreaking havoc out there on the roadways.

They have a handy online form to report an aggressive driver.

It seems the local police are taking this “aggressive driving” stuff seriously. They already created an Aggressive Driving Unit, which consists of four officers.

And, if you’re a road-rager, don’t think they’ll be easy to spot either…