Weather Plays Wicked Tricks On Us Here In Nashville, Tennessee

by Lynnette

Tornadoes And Weather

Welcome to my world…

This is my welcome mat:
The view out our back door... HAIL!

Yes, that is HAIL… about a thousand marble-sized hail pellets landed on our back step in a matter of seconds today!

(The above photo was taken at 5:17 p.m. today.)

You see, the MINUTE I arrived home from work today, I started to hear a loud “clanking” noise on every window in the house.

Hail pellets congregated on our doorstep. I’d never heard anything like it. The dogs were freaking out… And nothing was making sense.

Until the electricity went out.

Then I realized we were in the midst of some kind of crazy storm!

Our dog was intrigued by the hail. Soon, the dogs calmed down. Especially after I opened the door (AS the hail was still falling, and the lightning was still striking). Destin discovered right away that this was a pretty cool thing.

He’s thinking: “All-u-can-eat ice delivered right to my front door!”

On the other hand…

I’M thinking: “Holy crap. We’ve just lived through a series of out-of-the-ordinary “frosts” and “freezes” in recent weeks.” And now, we’re faced with ICE!

Hail damaged flowers in our front flower garden. Notice the fallen petals, and the hail pellets along the grass line? After today’s hail storm, it appears that some of the flowers received one heckuva beating. Hopefully they’ll bounce back after this encounter with Mother Nature, just as they did after the “frosts” and the “freezes”.

To give you an idea of just how strange today’s storm was…

The neighbor's drainage spout funneling the many gallons of water that fell in a very short time this afternoon. Check out the neighbor’s downspout. It’s GUSHING with boatloads of water from the hard rain that fell over the area… At the same time, marble-sized pellets of hail are gathering around the drainage spout and around the shrub.