I Don’t Know About YOUR Friends, But MY Friends…

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They’re pretty amazing!

I’ve had much success getting in touch with old friends this summer!

  • Kim (from high school) found me
  • I found Jeannie (from jr. high),
  • Laura (from my “other” life in Orlando), and
  • Amy (from my days in New York)
  • Mark (old college boyfriend)

I’m still looking for:

  • Courtney Causey (from St. Charles grade school)
  • Cathy Arsenault (from grade school)

Seems all my closest friends growing up were transplants — kids whose parents moved a lot so they were shuffled around from school to school.

But the few I just “found” are having a grand ‘ol summer! Some of them have been involved in some really cool stuff, and I thought it deserved recognition.

Check this out…


Jeannie’s Been Horsing Around

Childhood friend, Jeannie, whom I’d lost touch with for about 20 years until I found her through a search on the Internet (with some help from her college’s alumni association) has a busy summer in store with three active kiddos.

Recently, she and hubby, John, went to the Kentucky Derby. They are fairly well “connected” in the horse racing industry. As Jeannie puts it: “I am a part owner on 3 horses, so I own maybe 3 hairs off each one’s tail but it gets me into the races whenever I want for free and I absolutely love watching the horses!”

Jeannie writes: “We all went to the backside which is where the have-nots go… It’s also where the Churchiil Downs employees go and it’s usually not as crowded. After awhile, we go to the other side and watch all the “beautiful” people with their hats and uncomfortable shoes — and that is lots of fun too! …We go to the track alot but for Derby, it’s just to people watch.”

They captured this picture of the Derby winner, Giacomo (with the blanket on). Apparently, it was quite an upset.

“We got to walk alongside him back to the barns which was a thrill.”


Suzie’s Scrapbooking Now

Long-time friend, Suzie, (from wwwaaaaaayyyyy back… including St. Charles Elementary school… and Girl Scouts… and lots of wacky escapades that got us through high school and college together) is “secretly” involved in a very cool project.

She’s putting together a retirement scrapbook for her mom who’s retiring from being an elementary school teacher. Poor Linda, now she’ll have nothing to do with all her time… ‘cept Scrapbook!!!

You see, Suzie’s mom has been wanting to start scrapbooking, but she just hasn’t had the time. So Suzie (and her sister Kelli) are giving her a jump-start… They’re doing all the legwork compiling fun and memorable stuff about her, her students throughout the years, as well as friends, neighbors and fellow co-workers. (I even contributed something!)

Suzie writes: “We are strongly relying on others to provide the stuff for us to include, then we can have fun with scrapping it.”

This is a sampling of the fun things they’ve received from everyone. She adds: “We’ve gotten great stuff from mom’s friends – current and from back in the day. She is gonna love it and be totally surprised.”


Kris & Jim Are Surrounded By Kids
Kids in Brasil or Brazil.
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My cousin, Kris (aka SUPERmom!) and her hubby, Jim, are surrounded by kids at all times — both at home and at work.

They go to a really cool church (Riverside) — like ours! And they both play an active role in their church.

Jim recently returned from a fun-filled mission trip to Brazil. In fact, Jim’s been participating in this mission trip for the past SEVERAL years. They sent us a DVD of last year’s trip, and all I can say is: What great work they are doing in Brazil!

While Jim was in Brazil this year, he apparently spread the word of the Lord through jump rope. Just teasing… though he does appear to be playing some sort of string or jump roping game here. (On last year’s mission trip, he was caught on film doing a handstand on a skateboard!)

While in Brazil, he (and others from his church youth group) ministered in the schools by way of drama and music presentations, as well as church services and literature/Bible distribution.

With 4 kids (…and another one on the way!), it seems the only way Kris and Jim can find time for themselves is to get outta dodge… They’re looking forward to some summertime fun at their Ft. Lauderdale timeshare soon. Followed by a trip to Puerto Rico — a gift from their parents.


Abby’s Getting Creative

Nashville gal pal, Abby still deserves coverage here in this post.

If nothing else, but for the mere fact that she has uncovered her true artistic skills as of late.

She recently put her interior design skills to the test after moving into a new house — a very BIG and very BARE house. She and Neil put their special touch on most of the rooms in that house, and it’s like night and day. FABULOUS job, guys!

Abby recently took up Rubber Stamping as well. I, for one, am working hard to convert her to Scrapbooking, but I must admit that her handiwork is to die for! She has made some of the COOLEST little greeting cards, and she’s having a great time doing it.

On top of all that, she’s been playing the role of “lead cheerleader” at our husbands’ softball games. I’m sorry to say that I’ve only attended ONE game this season (the first one!)… and I’m not proud of that. But word is, Abby’s doing a fine job as “team mom”.

So there, Abb… ignorance [of the Blog] is NOT always bliss… I can still talk about ya! :o)


Laura’s Still Honeymooning

Long-time biking buddy from my days in Orlando, Laura, (whom I’d also lost touch with for about 5 years, but found via an Internet search which put me in touch with her son) recently experienced a whirlwind wedding much like our own…. in a VERY romantic location!

She and Paul have been inseparable for years… but the marriage came as a sudden (and sweet) surprise.

  • They got engaged in PARIS on Valentine’s Day.
  • They were married in ROME a week later… February 21, 2005!

Laura (who travels to luxurious faraway locations quite often with Paul) writes: “We’d been planning the February trip to Europe since November, but in January started talking about getting married while we were there. I brought a dress and had high hopes, but there still hadn’t been a proposal and a ring (both requirements for me). He was very charming and romantic with the proposal in Paris. It was great!”

But wait, there’s more…

Truth is, Laura’s entire family is Honeymooning right now. You see, there’s a Newlywed everywhere you look!

First, her daughter, Erin, got married (left photo). Then her son, TJ (right photo).

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“Auntie Lynnette” loves the wedding pictures, guys

…Congrats to ALL the happy couples!

Finally, An Announcement…
Mark and Erin at the Bluebird Cafe with us... That Dolly Parton photo in the background resembles what Erin's gonna look like throughout the pregnancy!
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Local pals, Mark & Erin (who are always up for doing fun things with us at any time… any place) are PREGNANT!

They are already the proud parents of the little cartwheeler — who, by the way, could NOT be more excited to be a big sister.


The End

Well, if you’ve made it to here, then I want to thank you for indulging me (and my friends). You see, I am just so impressed by the magnitude of interesting things that everyone’s involved in lately.

And since these friends do not have blogs with which to share their interesting lives with the world, I thought I would do it for them. Not at their request, mind you.

Here’s Part 2.

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