Coach Bob Knight Accepts University of Tennessee Vols Coaching Position

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University of Tennessee logo.…I can see it now. That will be the headline in a matter of a few short weeks.

How do I know?

Because Coach Bob Knight has followed me everywhere I’ve gone. Seriously!

Try this on for size…

Best friends through grade school, high school, college, and beyond - Suzie and Lynnette at an IU basketball game in Bloomington when Bobby Knight coached the Hoosiers. I attended Indiana University in Bloomington… where, of course, Bob Knight was the legendary coach of all coaches, the chair-thrower of all chair-throwers, and the most mild-mannered, even-tempered man in the country.

Basketball coach Bob Knight. Then, I moved to Lubbock, Texas in pursuit of my Master’s Degree at Texas Tech… soon followed by Coach Bob Knight who moved his coaching talents to Texas Tech in pursuit of a Big 12 instead of a Big 10 win for a change.

Now, I ask you…
What do you think the odds are that this gypsy traveler from the Midwest (like myself) will eventually wind up in Tennessee (like myself)… after he tires of this brief stint in Lubbock, Texas (like myself)?

He’s chosen my course over the past 21 years. I’m beginning to think that Coach Bob Knight and I are living parallel lives!

I’m DEFINITELY seeing a pattern here…

Not to mention the fact that Knight has coached in Tennessee before, and he liked it:
Indiana University pennant.

Bob Knight coached his Indiana team in a 1973 March Madness NCAA basketball tournament game in Music City

For the record… Knight denies any interest in the Tennessee coaching position (and the “parallel lives” theory).

Here’s the lead story about Coach Bob Knight taking the University of Tennessee coaching position for the UT Volunteers men’s basketball team… straight from the source.