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Skateboard Park Progress: Photos of Phase 2

** Newest photos added 8/19/06 **More construction begins on July 7, 2006. Well, it looks like they’re going ahead with Phase 2 now…

Thanks to some outspoken skateboarders and local citizens, the builders have been given the go-ahead to add a 16-foot kidney shaped skate bowl.

Franklin skate park construction signs.“The original estimate involved only a plaza, but skateboarders and skaters at a public forum encouraged the city to make the park more challenging with a bowl.”
Lisa Clayton, City Parks Director

  • The kidney-shaped skate bowl will be built by California Skateparks. 
  • Plans are for the skate park to be completed by August 31st.

phase-2-construction.jpgA few more pictures…

phase-2-construction3.jpg phase-2-construction4.jpgUPDATE: 8/14/06:
Today they had all of the ambulance drivers and firemen and police officers from the area gather at the Skate Park for on-site training… That’s a good sign.

safety-training-at-skate-park.jpg skate-park-safety-training.jpgUPDATE: 8/19/06:

Jim Warren Skate Park pre- grand opening day.Some photos showing the majority of the Jim Warren Skate Park completed…

It’s still very early (like 5 years away), but they’re already in the planning stages of building a skate park at Liberty Park.

Details of the project and early photos from Phase 1 of the Franklin skateboard park

Construction photos from Phase 1 showing week-by-week progress