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Looking for the best Nashville skatepark? You have to go to Two Rivers Skatepark! It's on the same property as Wave Country water park. My family's review of the skatepark.


Sixth Avenue Skatepark in downtown Nashville TN has indoor & outdoor skating areas. If you have a skateboard, scooter, or BMX enthusiast, check out this skatepark!

Photos, map, and directions to the new Jim Warren Skateboard Park in Williamson County, Tennessee - Franklin, TN.

At the Franklin Skate Park, as these pictures show, we're in the 'slow' phase of the construction process right now. While there haven't been many visual changes in the past few months, you can see in these photos that the skateboard park in Franklin, Tennessee is coming along quite nicely!

The Jim Warren Skate Plaza is one of the best things to happen to the town of Franklin Tennessee in a long time! Construction on the new skate park began this week... check out the pictures, plans for the skate park, and details about the park's future.