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Franklin Skate Park at Jim Warren Park

First day of construction on the new Franklin skate park. You asked.

We answered.

Jim wrote that was hoping to find pictures of the Franklin Skate Park in Jim Warren Park — off Boyd Mill Ave. & Downs Blvd. next to the Williamson County License Branch.

This is the Williamson County License Branch located next to the new Skate Park. This is a view of the Skate Park construction site -- from across the street -- in front of the Williamson County License Branch. 

So here goes… the first photos of the Franklin Skate Park under construction!


The park’s official name is:


Jim Warren Skate Plaza

A skateboard park such as this was first talked about as early as 2004.

The final plans for this skate park were finally approved November, 2005.

Here are some skateboarders who are definitely keeping an eye on the park’s progress.

To view the skate park development and construction plans, go here.

According to Lisa Clayton, Director of Franklin City Parks Department:

Once at the web site, click on ‘log in’ in the upper right corner and type ‘franklin’ for User Name: and ‘plaza’ for Password: to access the Franklin Skate Park page.

Today was the first day I actually saw construction activity at the future site of the Jim Warren Skate Plaza.

These are the photos:
First signs of construction on the new skate park in Franklin. You can see the general scope of the site from this angle. View from the roadside, looking toward the Williamson County License Branch which is on the lefthand side of the skate park.This angle shows that the site is basically an open field. Up till now, this open field had been utilized by kids of all ages for youth football practice, kids soccer practice, and Saturday morning touch football games by adults. Driving just past the skate park site, you can see the paved walkway/bikeway that winds through the park. 

For about a week prior to this, there had only been a sign indicating that IKON Construction planned to build on this site:

skate-park-pre-construction.jpg skate-park-pre-construction-looking-back.jpg 

Within days after that sign going up, the area had been surveyed and plotted out with various construction markers.

The point: Things appear to be happening fairly quickly on this park.

In fact, they planned to begin construction in April and hoped to wrap up construction by the end of the year. So, it looks like things might be moving a tad quicker than expected. (Now, how rare is that in the building & construction world?!?)

Check out the plans for the Skate Plaza!

IKON Construction Inc. won the bid for construction of the Skate Park in an amount not to exceed $272,541.70.

A second phase to the Skate Plaza includes building an 11-foot-deep kidney shaped bowl that will cost an additional $103,501.27 for a total project cost of $375,907.80.


Other Skate Parks Nearby

Skateboarder in the bowl at Two Rivers Skatepark 1. Skateboarder in the bowl at Two Rivers Skatepark 2. Skateboarder in the bowl at Two Rivers Skatepark 3. 




Jumping skateboarder at Two Rivers Skate Park - 1.Jumping skateboarder at Two Rivers Skate Park - 2.Jumping skateboarder at Two Rivers Skate Park - 3.Jumping skateboarder at Two Rivers Skate Park - 4. 

Word is, Franklin’s skate park strives to be different from both, the Two Rivers Skate Park and the future Spring Hill Skate Park.

These skateboarders are keeping tabs on the progress of Spring Hill’s skate park.


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