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Nashville Skatepark Review: Two Rivers Skate Park

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By Jenn

You can’t always skateboard outside in Nashville (anywhere really), but there are several months out of the year that are perfectly ideal for it.

When that’s the case, grab your skateboard, BMX bike, or inline skates and head over to Two Rivers Skatepark!

This park is FREE, it’s big, and it has some awesome features sure to keep any skater or biker busy for hours.



This is our family’s review of the skatepark…


Before You Go…

Two Rivers Skate Park is on the same property as Wave Country.  The 2 areas actually share the parking that is provided. (Also FREE.)

The official address: 2320 Two Rivers Parkway, Nashville TN 37214

The skate park is completely fenced in and has benches outside the perimeter for non-skaters to sit and watch. It is highly recommended that if you are not skating you should be outside the fence.

It’s open from dawn to dusk.



Why Two Rivers Skatepark Is Unique

The skatepark has 2 very different, separate areas that are joined via sidewalks.

One area has concrete pools and the other (also concrete) is a wide open skating area with different equipment.

What’s cool and unique about Two Rivers Skatepark are their concrete pools and ramps. These pools and ramps can be ridden by all skaters, but the BMX bikers were really rocking them on the day of our visit.

This large area holds 2 pools — one small and one big. Each pool has to be accessed by sliding in (as in on your butt) or riding in. No pool steps here!

The small pool is simply a curved concrete pool with enough room for a couple of skaters to share and is typically used to ride the walls. The larger pool has a cradle (bowl feature with a very high lip; ideal for carving high up the wall), a launch bar (ideal for height or tricks) and concrete ramps (attached to the pool). These features alone are enough to make this a skate park favorite, but there’s more!

There is a small grassy park with a few trees that separate the pools from the other concrete skating area. This area is also very large and features ramps, grind rails, roll-ins and launches. This is where the majority of the skating takes place. It can get congested, but skaters on this day were doing an awesome job of avoiding a collision with each other.

Both of these parks are connected by concrete sidewalks, so skaters and bikers can ride back and forth between the 2 areas without having to get off of their ride.

On the day of our visit, this skatepark was busy but not over-crowded. Wave Country had already closed for the day, so there was ample parking. There were little girls all the way up to older men riding that day, and they were all different skating levels too. So this park is for everyone.

The_Pool   The_Bowl


Know The Rules

Two Rivers Skatepark is maintained by the city of Nashville and there are rules to follow.

One rule is riding with an ASTM-Snell helmet (a specific helmet for skateboarders tested by the Snell company).  A lot of the skaters were NOT wearing any helmets, much less a certified one.

The park also does not allow scooters. which was a rule that was broken (including by me).  I admit that I was a rule breaker on this day because I allowed my kids to ride their skateboards and their scooters. But they had their certified helmets!


My Best Tips

  • Bring your own drinks. There is a playground separate from the skatepark which may have water fountains and restrooms.
  • Keep in mind that skaters are not permitted to use the facility during rain or snow. They must wait until all the equipment is dry.


Considered the best park in Nashville. Concrete. Favorite among some pro bowlriders. Contains the infamous “GENERAL” pool. Parks flows in extremely well in both bowl and street sections. Good vibes. Cool locals. Helmet is “required” but no one actually wears them. If you’re in Nashville, this is a must stop! Source




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