Goldfish & Beta Fish As Pets… Plus A Funny Fish Story

by Lynnette

A blue fish with a funny name... I was reading Jenn’s blog the other day, and I noticed her posts about two different fish they have (or had): “Punkin Head” and “Indiana Jones“.

The blue one reminded me of the fish my mom got “for Karly to enjoy”.

Beta fish. These beautiful blue fish must not be mixed with each other or with other fish in a container because they are meat eaters. Place a single fish in one bowl, and do the same as with a goldfish, only feed it protein instead of bread crumbs. Slice raw, low-fat meat (not ground beef) in small amounts to feed. — HGTV


Questions I Have…

Karly pointing to her fish in the fishbowl.

After admiring Karly’s fish in the fish bowl, I found myself wondering:

  • Does a fish mind only having a tiny amount of water to move around in?
  • How do they feel about people tapping on the glass?
  • They don’t live very long in a bowl do they?
  • How much of a pain is cleaning that bowl anyway?


Then, I found these interesting answers to almost all of my thought-provoking fish questions:

Do fish feel pain?

Do fish drink water?

Can a Beta fish be in a tank with bubbles?

How long do fish live?

Do fish sleep?

Do fish hear?

How do you keep a fish bowl from smelling like fish?

Do fish really only have a 3-second memory?

What are some tips for choosing the right goldfish?

Caring for Betta Fish

Meet Albert, the world’s smartest goldfish

A blue fish swimming in a fishbowl with a plant.

Fast-forward to the funny part…

When we were at my mom’s visiting for Christmas, we all went out to eat.

During the meal, Karly frequently talked about her fish (whom she’d affectionately named “Blue Boy” — cuz he’s blue, duh!)

So, when we are in the car heading home I decide to strike up a conversation with Karly about her fish.

I asked her:

Karly proud of her  blue fish. “Are you excited to go home and see Blue Balls?”


To which she replied, “No… It’s Blue Boy, silly!”

She’s 3.