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Shawn Mullins Photos, Songs, Videos, & In-Depth Interviews

Shawn Mullins at Third and Lindsley in Nashville, Tennessee. We’ve been fans of Shawn Mullins for years.

Every July/August, Shawn Mullins returns to Nashville for his annual 3rd & Lindsley appearance.

We took these close-up photos of Shawn singing and strumming his guitar from the front row at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN during a few of his visits to Nashville.

Photos of Shawn Mullins

Shawn Mullins At 3rd & Lindsley
Shawn Mullins at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville.
One afternoon, we were flipping through the radio stations and happened upon an ad from 3rd & Lindsley — a small pub in Nashville that features live music. To our delight, Shawn Mullins was the featured guest that night, and tickets were only $10! We got there hours early just to assure a good seat. Sure enough, we scored front row seats and got some great close-up photos of our buddy, Shawn.

Up Close And Personal With Shawn
Shawn Mullins photo taken from the front row at 3rd and Lindsley.
One of the great things that 3rd & Lindsley does is to air their concerts live on Lightning 100 radio station. We were seated in the front row (aka “the sweat zone”)!
Here are a couple of Shawn Mullins’ songs performed live at 3rd & Lindsley from this night: “Shimmer” and “Lullaby“.

Rocking Out The Song “Lullaby”
Shawn Mullins singing 'Lullaby' at 3rd and Lindsley.
By song titles alone (“Lullaby”, “You Mean Everything to Me”, “Anchored In You”), you might think that Shawn Mullins sings primarily a lot of sappy love songs or something. Much to the contrary… We discovered that, if you listen really closely, you’ll notice that many of his songs revolve around the themes of “roads”, “travel” and “water” — in addition to other real-life everyday experiences. And he really rocks them all!

Shawn Singing A Happy Tune
Shawn Mullins in Nashville, Tennessee.
Shawn’s a very introspective kind of character. A very passionate singer and songwriter, and it’s rare to catch him with such a big smile. We noticed that he seems to have come full circle, and is quite content with where he is these days — musically speaking.

Switching Gears
Shawn Mullins played a lot of different guitars this night.
Shawn Mullins brought a half dozen guitars and switched between them all night long at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville.

Shawn Was Hot, Hot Hot This Night
Shawn Mullins gave a great show at 3rd and Lindsley.
Not only was Shawn hot & sweaty from rockin the house on this night… He was also hugely popular with the crowd, and he’s been asked to return each year. We make a point to see him at 3rd & Lindsley each August! At the end of the night, I got Shawn’s guitar pick and his song list from this night at 3rd & Lindsley.

Pickin’ and Grinnin’
Shawn Mullins in an long guitar solo during his solo-act show at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN.

He’s Perfectly In Tune
A classic shot of Shawn Mullins tuning his guitar.

From The Front Row…
This is Shawn Mullins as photographed from the front row at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, Tennessee.

Waving Goodnight To The Crowd
Shawn Mullins saying Hello to a familiar face in the crowd… he’s got the best fans!

Musically Inclined
Word is, Shawn can play a number of different instruments… and quite well I’m told. FYI… there was an opening band before Shawn on this night at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville. The drums belong to that group. In fact, we’ve seen Shawn Mullins quite a few times, but we’ve never seen him “in concert” or officially “on tour”. We’ve always caught him playing acoustic in a solo act by himself in the Nashville clubs.

Say Cheese!
Actually, Shawn’s not posing for the camera at all here… he’s just caught up in the song that he’s singing.

Only Dunlop Guitar Picks For Shawn
According to Shawn, it’s only Dunlop nylon .88 guitar picks for him. (Here’s a little about the night I snagged two of Shawn’s guitar picks during his show at 3rd & Lindsley.)

Tossing Back A Few… Songs!
Here’s Shawn Mullins singing another heartfelt song. He seems to be as “into it” as the audience was.

A Constant Tuner
There are those musicians who tune their guitars only at the start of a show, and then they’re hands-off. Then there are those who are constant tuners — habitually tuning and re-tuning their strings. This is Shawn Mullins… a constant tuner! My theory is only those with truly the best music abilities feel the need to repeatedly tune their instruments. They just seem to have an ear for perfection. And as a result, they deliver only perfect-sounding tunes.

Singin’ A Happy Tune
Shawn singing a happy tune for the audience at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville.

Into The Music
Shawn Mullins being one with his music…

Reaching Those High Notes
Shawn’s voice is truly amazing… he can hit the low notes with ease, and the high notes with… a ladder.

Videos of Shawn Mullins

Shawn Mullins singing “Beautiful Wreck” at The Living Room in New York City on 1/26/06:


Video of Shawn Mullins singing “Somethin’ To Believe In” at a Chicago White Sox game at Comisky Park:


Video of Shawn Mullins singing “Lonesome” at Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA on 3/16/06:


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