Scott Holt Electrifies The Crowd At BB King’s In Nashville

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We went to see Scott Holt perform at BB Kings in Nashville last night.

(…Thanks, Dale.)

Following are some photos from our front row seats…


This night was also special because Scott introduced a lot of his former guitar techs and invited them on stage to play a song or two with him.

Plus, a handful of other musicians (and a few up & comers) got their 15 minutes of fame last night when they were invited to join Scott Holt onstage.


The Scott Holt Band

The Scott Holt Band consists of Scott Holt (vocals, guitar), Richard Sanders (bass guitar, backup vocals), and Tom Larson (drums, percussion).

The Band was formed in 1999 with guitarist Scott Holt, drummer Tom Larson (pictured here), and Leo Lyons (from the band Ten Years After).

Scott Holt in Nashville, Tennessee.
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A rare shot... He rarely takes his hands of that guitar!
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Scott Holt’s Youngest Fan

One of Scott’s “trademarks” is toward the end of the show when he runs into the audience — still wired to his electric guitar — and invites fans to strum a chord or two on his guitar. It makes for a truly energized show, as everyone is standing and applauding and staring in disbelief to see what Scott’s going to do next.

The only one who was invited up on STAGE to play, was this future guitarist, Derek. At first, he wasn’t too comfortable with the whole idea, so Scott helped him hold the guitar and strum a few chords.


Seconds later, this little guy took full control.


In no time, Derek was strumming his own tune on one of Scott’s favorite guitars.




Scott And His Peeps

Scott Holt is one classy guy…

He frequently likes to shine the spotlight on his former guitar techs and fellow musicians — like these.





Some great musicians…

Tyler Crouse on the stage with Scott Holt.
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Ryan Murphy playing guitar at BB King's in Nashville.
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Drummer Marshall Weaver playing with Scott Holt's band at BB King's.
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Ryan Murphy and Scott Holt on stage at BB King's in Nashville, Tennessee.
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A guitarist friend of Scott Holt's... 'Wingnut'?
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Cody Ferris playing his own guitar at BB King's in Nashville.
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Bobby Inman, Scott’s former guitar tech…

This Bobby Inman guy has quite a reputation!... He was Scott's guitar tech back int he day when Jim and his brother used to watch Scott play at the Bungenut Pig in Franklin..
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You could feel the love in the room for this guy... everyone was thrilled with Bobby Inman's, guitar playing, singing, and cowbell ringing... especially Scott.
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Scott Holt’s Signature Move

In true Scott Holt fashion, after featuring a few of the fellow musicians who are in da house, Scott typically heads out the front door — still fully wired to his guitar.

He electrifies the streets of downtown Nashville with some amazing guitar riffs before returning to the stage.

At this point, the entire audience inside is beside themselves with awe and excitment, and the entire audience outside clamors to get in to watch more from this incredible musician.

It’s truly a great show!




More About Scott Holt

Scott Holt on guitar.
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