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‘Tis the Season to Hear Scott Holt Sing the Blues

Man, I sure am glad that I checked my email last night.

Maybe this “blogging thing” has a few benefits.

A kind reader by the name of Dale dropped me a note to let me know that Scott Holt would be at BB Kings in Nashville this Saturday night.

The Buddy Guy protégé grew up on the Blues in Chicago and now tours all over singing the Blues. It’s a rare treat to find him so close to home.

Me, Scott Holt, And Nashville

Years ago, my brother and I became huge fans of this local Blues guitarist named Scott Holt. We could always count on Scott and the band to be at the Bunganut Pig in Franklin or Murfreesboro. Heck, ask Marty, I’m sure he’ll tell you that we paid the electric bill at the “pig” on more than one occasion. (The Warren Brothers were another fave.)

One of my favorite stories happened back in ’95 or so. My brother and I were enjoying an adult beverage at the “pig” in the ‘boro listening to the second set of the Scott Holt Band.

This guy leans over to me and says, “This guy sucks.” I’m thinking maybe he’s had one or two more beverages than I’ve had. So I ask him, “What do you mean?” He says, “Listen to him. He sounds like Jimi Hendrix.”  The dude never blinked. He was dead serious. I just laughed and thought if that’s what Scott’s critics say, then he’s in good shape!

Check out the tune at MySpace called “Breakin’ Up Somebody’s Home “, you can hear a little Jimi in his solo. It’s a great tune – must be from his new album Revelator. (The only one I don’t own… yet.)

If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy Scott Holt, December has plenty of chances around middle Tennessee.

We’ve got some pictures of Scott – or you can check out the Scott Holt Band website.

Enjoy some Blues and check out Scott Holt on MySpace.