A Music First: The White Stripes To Perform On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

by Lynnette

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Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Attention White Stripes fans… and Jon Stewart fans… and Daily Show fans (…could there even be a Daily Show fan without being a Jon Stewart fan?):

Tomorrow (December 1, 2005) The White Stripes will be performing “live” on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show! There has never been a live musical performance on The Daily Show before.


Comedy Central’s The Daily Show has booked its first band to perform, and the honor goes to The White Stripes. That show will air Dec. 1, and Jack and Meg White will perform and chat with host Jon Stewart, the AP reports.

Jack White And Loretta Lynn: An Unlikely Duo

I first became familiar with The White Stripes when I saw Jack White accepting an award with Loretta Lynn at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards.

He produced and contributed to her highly acclaimed 2004 album “Van Lear Rose“.

Jack White and Loretta Lynn accepting an award at the 2005 Grammy Awards. Photo copyright Gregg DeGuire.

Here’s an interesting look at how their unique relationship was formed:


Popular White Stripes Songs

Soon after the Grammy Awards, I started hearing a song on the radio with a really catchy beat… something about “I’ve been waitin’ for my doorbell to ring, when ya gonna ring it?… When ya gonna ring it?”


Here’s the full-length video for “My Doorbell” by The White Stripes:



Check out the White Stripes “Denial Twist” video. (It documents The White Stripes’ week-long appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.)


More White Stripes videos


Behind The Scenes With The White Stripes
The White Stripes... Meg and Jack White.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about The White Stripes is… Looks can be deceiving! Jack and Meg are two of the most down-to-earth people. (Quite contrary to my initial perception of the band.) And they are incredibly, amazingly TALENTED singers, songwriters, and overall musicians… There’s no denying that!

  • Listen to their low-key NPR interview with Jack and Meg White. (AWESOME!…it’s quite enlightening and might change your perspective of Jack White and the White Stripes.)
  • You can watch Meg and Jack perform a NUMBER of songs thanks to this incredible “up close & personal” video footage (63MB!) — from Whitestripes.net.
  • Check out Jack and Meg’s fun photos in the White Stripes Photo Gallery.


Did You Know?…

  • The White Stripes, Jack and Meg White, initially billed themselves as brother and sister, when in reality they are ex-husband-and-wife.
  • There are only two members in the band… period. Their theory: “simplicity rules“. Meg White plays drums, backing vocals, and tambourine. Jack White performs lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, and piano!
  • The White Stripes recorded their latest album, “Get Behind Me Satan” entirely in Jack White’s house (in the staircase and foyer no less!), as opposed to in a professional recording studio with sound engineers and computers. Jack says the end result is a really warm sound with “soulfulness and something raw”.
  • While it’s not shocking to learn that Jack White was influenced by blues, rock, punk, and heavy metal… did you know that “mountain music” and country also play a HUGE role in White Stripes music? Interesting!