Looking For Ghosts & Haunted Places In Tennessee?

If you’re in the Franklin/Nashville area, I’d encourage you to take one of these walking tours. See how scared you get as part of a small group of people walking the streets at night while hearing about dozens of well-documented stories about local ghosts & hauntings! If you’re looking for a LIST of haunted places in Nashville… and other parts of Tennessee, then check this out…

A Huge List Of Recent And Former Reality TV Show Contestants From Tennessee

If you’re from Tennessee, and you like Survivor, The Apprentice, American Idol, The Bachelor, Nashville Star, The Biggest Loser, and other reality TV shows, then you’ll want to pull for these hometown favorites on popular reality TV shows. Check out all of these Reality TV contestants from Tennessee!

Nashville Star Season 4 Opener: We Were There

Opening night highlights for Nashville Star season 4. We were there… Here’s what we thought of the contestants: Jared Ashley, Shy Blakeman, Jewels Hanson, Nicole Jamrose, Monique LeCompte, Matt Mason, Kristen McNamera, Casey Rivers, Melanie Torres, and Chris Young.