Photos Of Orlando Bloom & Kate Bosworth: The Happy Couple In Franklin, TN

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Without a doubt, the center of attention at the Elizabethtown movie premiere in Franklin, Tennessee was the lead actor from the movie, Orlando Bloom, and his rumored girlfriend, Kate Bosworth.

Following are our best photos of the couple…


Photos Of Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom was very difficult to photograph — mostly because he had bodyguards and movie staff completely surrounding him and watching every move.

It was also hard to get a feel for what Orlando Bloom is like from this single event.

He was friendly, but he was also in such a rush.

Word is, he was in a hurry to get to his girlfriend Kate Bosworth and the Coldplay concert in Nashville later that night! All the local papers reported he was the first to leave this event in order to make it to concert. A friend of ours won backstage passes to the concert & ended up standing side-by-side with this Hollywood hunk!

He only signed a handful of autographs (the first time), before he was ushered into the movie theater so they could start the movie. But then he came back out on the red carpet and signed a few more autographs for his most loyal fans who stuck around.

Orlando Bloom waving to his fans in Franklin, Tennessee.
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Orlando Bloom talking with his fans.
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Orlando Bloom was in Franklin, Tennessee... but not for long!
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Orlando Bloom signing autograph at premiere of Elizabethtown.
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Orlando Bloom in Franklin Tennessee.
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Orlando Bloom signing autographs for his fans.
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Photos Of Kate Bosworth

There was a lot of “hush hush” activity surrounding the “mystery woman” of the day: Kate Bosworth, who was rumored to be Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend.

She was escorted every step of the way by the guy you see in these photos. He was stuck on her like glue!

Turns out, Kate is indeed dating Orlando Bloom and she was a welcomed surprise to all of the people who were lining the Red Carpet. EVERYONE was eager to photograph this Hollywood sweetie.

No sooner had she been escorted into the theater than she snuck back out of the movie theater only moments after the movie started. She was rushed into a white SUV with that same guy glued to her side.

She left while Orlando was signing his 2nd round of autographs (after the movie had started playing for the celebrities inside). He was then promptly whisked off as well (to attend the Coldplay concert as mentioned above).



Kate Bosworth and friend.
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Kate Bosworth and friends in Franklin, Tennessee.
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Did you notice photographer Larry Birkhead in those last 2 photos?

Check out these photos of Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth with their dogs.

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