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Thanks Cameron Crowe… for introducing me to the band I Nine!

Were it not for seeing them perform in Franklin, Tennessee during the red carpet premiere of the movie “Elizabethtown”, I probably would have never found this band.

As far as indie music goes… this stuff ROCKS!

Following are a TON of photos we took “front & center” when I-Nine kicked off the movie premiere at Franklin Cinema the other night…


I Nine On The Red Carpet

First, I just have to say, the band members themselves are entirely charming individuals… each and every one of them.

Carmen Keigans – vocals
Brian Whitman – guitar
Bryan Gibson – cello
Matt Heath – bass

While I didn’t personally meet them, these guys appeared to be down-to-earth, one with their fans, and genuinely appreciative of their inclusion on the “Elizabethtown” soundtrack.

They also connected really well with their fans — new and old.


Highlights Of Their Performance

Following are our personal video and photos from their Franklin, Tennessee performance on Sunday, September 18, 2005.


First, The Video…



Now, The Photographs…

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I Nine Fans & Followers

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Hollywood movie producer, director, and screenwriter Cameron Crowe took Carmen Keigans and her I Nine bandmates under his wing during the premiere of “Elizabethtown”, where they performed their song that’s featured on the movie’s soundtrack.

That song is “Same In Any Language” — the lead song on the soundtrack — which was written by Cameron Crowe, with the help of his wife, Nancy Wilson (from Heart).


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Fun Stuff About “I Nine”

Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, I Nine‘s music is considered “acoustic alternative rock”.

Their sound is one-of-a-kind, completely original and uniquely their own.

The members met at USC in September 2003 and formed the band Isle 9. Unfortunately, this name was taken, so they changed it to I Nine. The name stuck, and is quickly becoming a well-known entity around campus. A couple of the members’ friends got together and created a Facebook group to help them gain some publicity. What began as a joke is now a group with more than 1,000 members. Daily Gamecock


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