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I-Nine Music Video & Band Photos

Carmen Keigans and Cameron Crowe at the premiere of 'Elizabethtown' in Franklin, Tennessee. Thanks Cameron Crowe… for introducing me to the band I Nine!

Were it not for seeing them perform in Franklin, Tennessee during the red carpet premiere of the movie “Elizabethtown”, I probably would have never found this band.

As far as indie music goes… this stuff ROCKS!

I-Nine's guitars propped and waiting at the premiere of the 'Elizabethtown' movie in Tennessee.

Following are a TON of photos we took “front & center” when I-Nine kicked off the movie premiere at Franklin Cinema the other night…


I Nine On The Red Carpet

I Nine band members in Franklin Tennessee.

First, I just have to say, the band members themselves are entirely charming individuals… each and every one of them.

Carmen Keigans – vocals
Brian Whitman – guitar
Bryan Gibson – cello
Matt Heath – bass

Carmen Keigans and the I Nine band.

While I didn’t personally meet them, these guys appeared to be down-to-earth, one with their fans, and genuinely appreciative of their inclusion on the “Elizabethtown” soundtrack.

I Nine band members waving to their fans along the red carpet at the 'Elizabethtown' movie premiere at Franklin Cinema.

They also connected really well with their fans — new and old.


Highlights Of Their Performance

Following are our personal video and photos from their Franklin, Tennessee performance on Sunday, September 18, 2005.


First, The Video…



Now, The Photographs…

bryan_gibson_carmen_keigans.jpg Bryan_Whitman_and_Matt_Heath.jpg Carmen_Keigans_singer_i_nine.jpg

inine_singer.jpg Carmen_Keigans_screaming.jpg Matt_Heath_i_nine.jpg

Brian_Whitman_i_nine_guitarist.jpg i_nine_singer.jpg Carmen_Keigans_singing_loud.jpg

i_nine_vocals_cello.jpg Carmen_Keigans_singing.jpg i_nine_guitarist_brian_whitman.jpg

carmen_keigans_on_camera.jpg brianwhitmaninineband.jpg singer_carmen_keigans.jpg

Carmen_Keigans_lead_singer_inine.jpg carmen_keigans_at_microphone.jpg Matt_Heath_playing_bass_guitar.jpg

i_nine_carmen_keigans.jpg inine_lead_vocalist_carmen.jpg bryan_gibson_and_carmen_keigans.jpg


I Nine Fans & Followers

Cameron Crowe personally chose I Nine to perform on the movie's soundtrack. cameron_crowe_photographing_inine.jpg

Hollywood movie producer, director, and screenwriter Cameron Crowe took Carmen Keigans and her I Nine bandmates under his wing during the premiere of “Elizabethtown”, where they performed their song that’s featured on the movie’s soundtrack.

That song is “Same In Any Language” — the lead song on the soundtrack — which was written by Cameron Crowe, with the help of his wife, Nancy Wilson (from Heart).


carmen_keigans_signing_autographs.jpg carmen_keigans_autograph.jpg signing_autographs_carmen_keigans.jpg


Fun Stuff About “I Nine”

Carmen Keigans waiting to perform at the premiere of 'Elizabethtown' in Franklin, Tennessee. Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, I Nine‘s music is considered “acoustic alternative rock”.

Their sound is one-of-a-kind, completely original and uniquely their own.

The members met at USC in September 2003 and formed the band Isle 9. Unfortunately, this name was taken, so they changed it to I Nine. The name stuck, and is quickly becoming a well-known entity around campus. A couple of the members’ friends got together and created a Facebook group to help them gain some publicity. What began as a joke is now a group with more than 1,000 members. Daily Gamecock


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