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Elizabethtown Movie Premiere

A picture I took of Larry Birkhead with Kate Bosworth outside of the Franklin Cinema in Franklin Tennessee -- near Nashville.

It was about a year ago when Sara Evans and Craig Schelske appeared hand-in-hand at the Franklin Cinema where they gave fans the opportunity for lots of close-up photographs and autographs. Check 'em out...

Here are my $.02 on the closing of Franklin Cinema in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. If you live near Franklin, TN and you haven't been to Franklin Cinema yet... go now! It's definitely worth a visit. And you may not be able to later!

Nancy Wilson of Heart - in Franklin, TN

Nancy Wilson of the rock group Heart is married to Cameron Crowe, the director of the movie "Elizabethtown". Here's a photo of Nancy Wilson when she was in Franklin, Tennessee for the movie's premiere.

Were it not for seeing her at the movie premiere of "Elizabethtown" in Franklin, Tennessee, I might not have found Patty Griffin's music on my own. Patty is a singer with soul, and she has a fan club that...

Without a doubt, the center of attention at the Elizabethtown movie premiere in Franklin, Tennessee was the lead actor from the movie, Orlando Bloom, and his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth. Following are our best photos of the couple.

Thanks Cameron Crowe... for introducing me to the band I Nine! Here are a TON of photos we took 'front & center' when I-Nine kicked off the premiere of 'Elizabethtown' at Franklin Cinema the other night...

On September 18, 2005, Hollywood movie director Cameron Crowe brought his movie bus, his actors, and his fans to Franklin, Tennessee for the red carpet premiere of his movie Elizabethtown. The tiny town of Franklin has been the site of numerous TV commercials and music videos. This was only the 2nd Hollywood movie premiere to take place at Franklin Cinema. We took over 400 photos! Here are the best ones.