Patty Griffin… A Singer/Songwriter With Soul

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Were it not for seeing her at the movie premiere of “Elizabethtown” in Franklin Tennessee, I might not have found Patty Griffin’s music on my own.

Patty Griffin singing her song from the 'Elizabethtown' movie premiere at Franklin Cinema.

Patty is a singer with soul, and she has a fan club that most musicians would die for. (Many of her fans were standing next to us at the right of the stage.)

I found her to be intriguing. She’s got a great voice, and apparently, she’s a good actress too — she landed a part in the “Elizabethtown” movie where she plays Sharon.


Photos Of Patty Griffin On Stage

Patty Griffin signing autographs for her young fans at the premiere of 'Elizabethtown'.

Each group on the album sang one song each at the “Elizabethtown” movie premiere on September 19, 2005.

Patty Griffin sang her song from the soundtrack called “Long Ride Home”.

These are our photos from the red carpet premiere in Franklin, Tennessee:

patty_griffin_guitar2.jpg patty_griffin_warming_up.jpg patty_griffin_franklin_tenn.jpg

patty_griffin_franklin_cinema.jpg pattygriffin_singing.jpg patty_griffin_fan_club.jpg

patty_griffin_closeup.jpg patty_griffin_smiling.jpg pattygriffin_franklincinema.jpg

pattygriffinsinging.jpg patty_griffin_music.jpg patty_griffin_microphone.jpg


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