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Nancy Wilson Of Heart And Her Hubby Cameron Crowe In Franklin, TN

Nancy Wilson of the rock group Heart is married to Cameron Crowe, the director of the movie ‘Elizabethtown‘.

She was quite charming at the movie premiere, which took place in Franklin, Tennessee.

Nancy Wilson of Heart - in Franklin, TN


Jim and I went to this event at the historic Franklin Cinema.

We saw lots of Hollywood celebrities among the local music stars who got free tickets to the movie’s premiere. Word is, many of them went downtown Nashville to see Coldplay in concert after the movie.

Here are a few more photos of Nancy Wilson and her husband, the movie’s director, Cameron Crowe…



Speech, Speech!
Cameron Crowe on stage at the red carpet event in Franklin, Tennessee.
Cameron Crowe, director for the movie “Elizabethtown” kicked off the day’s events by welcoming everyone and introducing the music performers: the I Nine band, followed by Patty Griffin.



Joined At The Hip
Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe in Franklin, Tennessee.
Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe were joined at the hip here… they seemed really cool. It was an honor to see them both — up close & personal.



The Spotlight’s On The Hollywood Stars
Cameron Crowe on stage announcing today's musical guests.
Cameron Crowe was the first real star to arrive. He set the tone for the afternoon by introducing all of the stars.



He’s A Sharp Dressed Man
Cameron Crowe at the Elizabethtown movie premiere in Franklin.
Cameron Crowe was one proud guy on this day at the Franklin Cinema…



She’s Stylin!
Nancy Wilson in Franklin Tennessee.
Nancy Wilson walking down the red carpet at the Franklin, Tenn premiere of the movie Elizabethtown…she was stylin!



Cameras Everywhere You Look!
Cameron Crowe with many TV cameras.
Cameron Crowe was the center of attention on this day (well, okay… maybe Orlando Bloom was the BIG star, but still), and I found it interesting that he was just as star-struck as everyone in the audience was. Perhaps he was just documenting all the activity for his movie cast and crew, but it was refreshing to see Mr. Crowe photographing as much as we were!



Girl Next Door
Nancy Wilson walking down the red carpet at the premiere of Elizabethtown.
Nancy Wilson seemed really down-to-earth and fun! I was glad I had the opportunity to see her in person for once.



Thanks, Cameron For A Job Well Done!
Cameron Crowe at the movie premiere of Elizabethtown.
It was an honor to have Cameron Crowe in our tiny town when he came to Franklin for the premiere of his movie “Elizabethtown”.He emcee’d the afternoon’s events like a champ, making the entire Red Carpet premiere quite enjoyable for the 600 or so of us who attended.