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Fainting Goats At The Lewisburg Fainting Goat Festival

A big fainting goat in the 'petting zoo' at the 2003 Lewisburg Goat Festival. We went to the Fainting Goat Festival in Lewisburg, Tennessee a couple years ago. Surprisingly, we didn’t see many goats actually fainting there though.

The reason?…

Do not stress out the goats... they'll faint! It was set up more like a petting zoo, and there were signs posted everywhere like: “Shhh…do not startle the goats!”

With the 3nd Annual Fainting Goat Festival approaching (October 7th & 8th), I took some time to learn more about the unique qualities of Fainting Goats.

A cute fainting goat. Some are small & cute…

Some are big & ugly (in a good way)…

A big black goat up close. A black fainting goat. A fainting goat at the festival.…But they ALL faint!
— > Video of Fainting Goats in Action

Information About Fainting Goats
Thanks to the International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA), you too, can find out more about these interesting animals: