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A small collection of photographs taken of Jim Reilley at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

He’s a popular songwriter who’s well-connected in the music industry.



Jim Reilley & Friends At The Bluebird

Jim Reilley and Jeff Carter at the Bluebird in Nashville.
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This was our 2nd time at the Bluebird. This time, we didn’t know any of the songwriters or anything about them. Jim Reilley was the headliner, and he brought his closest songwriting friends to celebrate his 40th Birthday at the Bluebird with him. Here he’s playing the guitar while Jeff Carter is singing. Jeff Carter wrote “Southern Comfort Zone” and “I Need You Now”, among others.



Jim Reilley At The Bluebird Cafe

Jim Reilley at the Bluebird Cafe.
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While each of the songwriters appearing at the Bluebird on this night is a star in their own way… they’re probably the least popular of all the songwriters we’ve seen at the Bluebird. Here Jim Reilley gives another singer/songwriter (John Bizzack) a turn at the mic.



Ronna Reeves And Jim Reilley

Jim Reilley and Ronna Reeves at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Ronna Reeves changes her look like a chameleon. She wrote “Let Me Love You”, “I’m Happy”, “I Don’t See Anything”, “The Beauty of Us”.


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