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Sarah Buxton performing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. Sarah Buxton was in the audience to watch friends perform at the Bluebird Cafe one night, when those “in the round” invited her to sing a song of her own!

Buxton has been featured on country legend Kenny Rogers’ album ‘Water and Bridges’, as well as Cowboy Troy’s album Loco Motive, and John Corbett’s first album. She has an album of her own coming out in 2007, and her first single on country radio is Innocence. Keith Urban also sings a version of her song Stupid Boy (which will be on her currently untitled album) on his album Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing. Source

Here are our photos, along with some other fun facts and Sarah Buxton videos…

Sarah Buxton Music Photos

And Introducing… Sarah Buxton!
Sarah Buxton was invited to sing a song at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.
She’s their biggest fan! Sarah Buxton came to watch her friends Craig Wiseman, Jeffrey Steele, Tony Mullins, and Bob DiPiero perform at the Bluebird Cafe. They invited her to sing a song.

Too Too Cute
Sarah Buxton in the audience at the Bluebird Cafe.
Sarah Buxton took home the award for the cutest one in attendance at the Bluebird this night.

The Next Big Thing?
Sarah Buxton singing.
She don’t need no stinkin’ “American Idol” or “Nashville Star“. Not with friends like these! Sarah Buxton is already hanging with the “in” crowd, including the likes of Craig Wiseman, Jeffrey Steele, Bob DiPiero, and Tony Mullins. It’s all in who you know.

Sarah Buxton Singing At The Top Of Her Lungs
Sarah Buxton stole the show at the Bluebird.
Sarah Buxton stole the show this night at the Bluebird Cafe. She was having the time of her life as an audience member seated next to her songwriting friends, Jeffrey Steele and Craig Wiseman… until they asked her to sing a song of her own!

Give It All You’ve Got, Girl!
Sarah Buxton singing.
This is Sarah-I’ve-got-connections-Buxton who was fortunate enough to be invited to sing tonight at the Bluebird. She rocks. You go, girl!

It’s A Great Day!
Sarah Buxton in the audience at the Bluebird Cafe.
She seems to be living her dream right now, and we wish her all the best. Sarah Buxton is definitely someone to keep your eye on!

Sarah Buxton Music Videos

“Outside My Window” by Sarah Buxton


“Innocence” by Sarah Buxton


“If You Don’t Wanna Love Me” by Cowboy Troy (with Sarah Buxton)


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